5 Facts of Private Car Transport



Most people think that only dealerships and auctions transport their vehicles. This is true however there are also many private car shippers. Private car shippers are people who need to move their personal vehicles to their desired location. The process of shipping private cars is almost like that of shipping dealership/auction vehicles. 

5 Facts of Private Car Transport

Here are 5 facts of private car transport to consider:

  1. Private car shipping means the transport of personal vehicles. This includes people relocating for a plethora of reasons such as family, work or school. People often choose to ship their vehicles instead of driving them for many reasons. These reasons include to save time, wear/tear and overall convenience.
  2. Private car transport service rates highly depend on the time of year it is and the direction of travel. For example, moving from Florida to New York in April will be much more expensive than if you were to move during the same time from New York to Florida. Rates also are dependent on diesel fuel price as that is a trucking company's biggest expense. Size and weight of the vehicle being transported also plays a factor in determining the cost of shipping.
  3. Shipping private vehicles is fully insured and bonded leaving you with nothing to worry about. Carriers assigned to transport personal vehicles carry liability insurance of $1 million and cargo insurance of a minimum of $250k for trailers which carry 3-5 cars and $350k for higher capacity trailers. Insurance is provided to the customer at no extra charge or deductibles.
  4. Most private car transport companies dedicate themselves to a busy lane in order to have stable work. This means shipping vehicles to and from bigger cities is much easier as most companies stick around big cities when building their loads. For example, many auto transport private carriers do Los Angeles, CA to Dallas, TX and back. Shipping private vehicles from smaller cities can sometimes take a little longer but will eventually happen.
  5. Private car pick up and deliveries usually happen at an open parking lot such as a shopping center or mall plaza. This is because of the size of the truck and the fact that most neighborhoods have tight windy streets with low hanging trees. Truck drivers choose to go the safer option and stop somewhere nearby near a main road as to avoid damaging any vehicle on their load. Many neighborhoods have strict rules against big semi trucks entering as the roads are not designed to carry such big vehicles.         


Private car shipping is becoming ever more popular as our world continues to become busy and the price of fuel continues to increase. Shipping a vehicle is a serious matter and you should choose only the top private car shipping companies. Do thorough research before booking your auto transporter. For a quick free private vehicle transport quote, visit us at www.TCIships.com or speak with one of our experts at (312) 224-8620.

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