5 Reasons to Use Car Delivery Services


There are many reasons for using car delivery services and here you will find a list of the top 5 with our expert advice behind them.  The advantages of using car delivery are endless and will ease the stress and headaches involved with moving or buying new cars from out of state. Although there is a price on the convenience of using a car delivery company, be assured that it is completely worth it.  Car delivery jobs make a lucrative living for many truck drivers around the world.  Whether you are looking for car delivery from dealership, a used car delivery or moving out of state, we can help guide you through the process from start to finish.

Car delivery services

Here are the top 5 Reasons to Use Car Delivery Services:


  • Save Time as you don’t have to spend countless hours driving across the country.
  • Save Money as you don’t have to pay for fuel/hotel/food/tolls/breakdows.
  • Eliminate extreme wear and tear on your vehicle caused from many miles and rough roads across the country.
  • Safety because long hours behind the wheel require highly trained drivers such as commercial truck drivers.
  • Your move will be fully insured and bonded leaving you with nothing to worry about!


These reasons are more than enough to use car delivery service instead of driving the vehicle yourself.  The car delivery cost will be outweighed by the amount of money and time you will save by allowing a car delivery company to transport your vehicle.  The amount of time you will save depends on how much of a distance you need to go but you will save time either way.  Another thing to consider is the considerable amount of wear and tear that you will put on your vehicle in just a single cross country drive.  Car delivery takes a load off of you and your vehicle.  Many people use their job’s own car delivery services.  Rental car delivery is also an option if you are a frequent car rental person.  There are many truck drivers that will take your car delivery job gladly and take care of you.  Think of it as a car delivery rental, you rent the driver’s time and equipment and in exchange you give them monetary compensation.  Another thing that many people don’t realize is that it is flat out dangerous to drive across the country which you can eliminate by using our car delivery service.


There are many car delivery companies out there but none come close to the quality of service provided by TCI Logistics.  Visit our website for additional information or give one of our agents a call for more information!    

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