5 Tips for Preparing a Vehicle for Transport


When you wish to transport a vehicle state to state, it helps to have something that points you in the right direction. After finding your provider and the cost to transport a vehicle, then you need to prepare the car. A lot goes into knowing how to transport a vehicle but you can use these 5 tips to make sure your vehicle is prepared for the shipping process that will deliver your beauty to its new destination.


5 Tips for Preparing a Vehicle for Transport:

  • Make sure vehicle is clean for a proper pick up inspection
  • Remove all items from your vehicle
  • Remove your toll charging device
  • Load your vehicle with maximum allowed luggage weight if necessary
  • Position your vehicle in a convenient location for transport carrier truck

Transport a vehicle

Following these tips is important as they will minimize the headaches associated with having to transport a vehicle across country. It is also important to mention that the cheapest way to transport a vehicle is not always the best one. We recommend comparing different providers when you need to transport a vehicle based on reviews and then pricing. If you are wondering “how much does it cost to transport a vehicle?” then you can use our online calculator or call in and speak with a live agent to get pricing. There is not only one correct answer to the question “How much to transport a vehicle?” This is due to the fact that the cost to transport a vehicle across country depends on the distance, type of transportation and the time of year.


By having your vehicle clean, you allow the driver to make a proper inspection of the vehicle on pick up and see all of the pre-existing damages such as minor scratches, nicks and road use wear/tear that way they are documented. This will enable you to make a quality delivery inspection as well and determine if there is new damage that occurred in transit. 


Removing all items from your vehicle is important as you don’t want any unwanted belongings in a vehicle when seeking to transport a vehicle interstate or even transport a vehicle to another state. If you have made the decision to load your vehicle with up to 100 lbs of luggage/personal items, make sure you do it in a discreet manner as to not obstruct the driver's view when loading/unloading your vehicle. Do not put anything fragile or of big value inside your car. Items placed inside your vehicle during transport are not insured and no one can be held liable in case someone breaks into the car or something goes missing. You can also request to put more than the 100lbs of allowed items however the price to transport a vehicle will change. We recommend leaving your vehicle completely empty to make sure everything goes as planned. Vehicles going to a port for overseas shipping require the vehicle to be completely empty. If you need more information on how to transport to Hawaii or how to transport a vehicle from one state to another please visit our website or call to speak with an agent.      


You want to remove your toll charging device to avoid unwanted charges because the truck carrying your vehicle will most likely encounter at least several toll booths along the way. If you are wondering how to transport a vehicle without plates, the answer is that plates are not needed for vehicle transport so you don’t need to worry.    


It helps to position your vehicle in a convenient location for the transport carrier truck. The smallest possible combination transport carrier exceeds 40 feet in length usually so you want to make sure there is ample space. It is recommended that you find a location nearby such as an open plaza or empty parking lot to meet with the driver. This way everyone is safe and no one feels rushed when completing the pick up process. This does not apply to those who wish to transport a car by train as you will have to drop your car off at the train departing station. If you wish to find out more information on how to transport a vehicle by train, please refer to our informational blog about that topic.


For more information on how to transport a vehicle across country, please visit our website at www.tciships.com or call us at (312) 224-8620!

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