7 Tips When Moving Interstate


Moving interstate means moving physically from one state to another making the move an interstate move. Intrastate moves are moves performed within the same state. They are quite different and you will receive a different experience with both and along with that different pricing. The process of moving interstate requires more time than intrastate and will usually be higher in price. Interstate moving companies will either transport your stuff on their own van trucks or broker the deal out to one of their carrier partners depending on availability to provide the fastest possible service. A simple “interstate moving companies near me” google search will pull up inter state movers around you who are ready to assist! 

Interstate Moving

7 Tips When Moving Interstate:

1.   Find a reputable Interstate moving company

2.   Research and compare different interstate movers

3.   Do not settle for the cheapest option

4.   Measure and weigh your items to be moved

5.   Choose only a BBB Accredited interstate mover

6.   Make sure your address is accessible by a large truck or make your mover aware

7.   Be truthful with your dimensions as to get a realistic price and avoid confusion


Interstate moves require a lot of attention to detail and patience. This is the reason why interstate moves don’t take a couple of days but rather usually 1-2-3 weeks. Inter state moving requires your house/apartment to be packed, loaded and transported. The movers hired will come prepared to pack all of your stuff so that it is protected during shipping. It is also good to know that moving companies are typically one of the slowest when it comes to transporting because they might have other stops or in general take it a little slower to protect the cargo inside the trailer. This is not your typical palletized cargo load. The crew that comes to your home is usually at least 3 men of which 2 are loaders and one will be the truck driver. Remember, a tip goes a long way as truck drivers/movers have one of the hardest jobs out there. It is a good idea to take pictures of all of your belongings just in case of a cargo damage claim. You will be able to compare the condition of your household goods if you have pictures handy. If there is any damage, you need to mention it to the delivery company right away and make sure it is notated somewhere on the delivery bill of lading so that it is on record. Ask your moving company for claim instruction and file your claim. Keep in mind that only legitimate claims will be accepted as the moving companies do a thorough inspection of your items before loading them in the truck. Shipping companies long distance will ensure that your goods are picked up and delivered so that you can sit back and relax the moving process. Moving has never been this easy. With the help of technology and accelerated logistics due to newer equipment, moving is not what it used to be. Call TCI Logistics for a good referral to a reputable moving company. We can assist you with your vehicle transport if need be. Don’t hesitate to call for advice!   

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