8 Steps to Ship a Classic Car


If you are looking to ship your classic car, you will need to take the necessary steps to make sure your classic car receives the love and attention it needs. Whether you are looking to shop classic cars or you’re an old car seller, you will eventually need used cars classic shipping. There are many vintage cars for sale in the USA. Shipping any car requires a reputable auto transport company let alone collector car classics. Antique car sales and older car sales require a solid shipping service to deliver the vehicles to its new home.

Here are 8 steps you can follow to ship your vintage car sale:   


  1. Prepare your used classic cars for shipping

  2. Find the best vintage cars shipper

  3. Decide whether to ship open or enclosed for your vintage cars

  4. Book your classic car buy shipping and get ready for pick up day

  5. Await for your transporter to arrive to pick up your collectors cars

  6. Keep in touch with your car classic shipper to get updated delivery times

  7. Prepare for your antique cars buy delivery (find a good meeting spot if your neighborhood is too tight for a semi truck)

  8. Take delivery of your classics cars and enjoy your buy!               

Ship a Classic Car

Many classic car websites or vintage car dealerships have preferred shipping partners that they can recommend for your shipping needs. These are usually reputable companies that have established themselves in the classic cars for sale in usa shipping market. Do not settle for cheap classics car sales shipping as this is one of those things you shouldn’t save money on. The reason behind this is that you don’t want to be dealing with repairing your classic car and be worried about doing it right. Collector car sales should be enjoyed, and not be worried about.


Classic car dealerships usually won’t let their top end vehicles go on open shipping however some classic car dealers will let their cheaper inventory go on open transport. A vintage car dealer will make sure the pick up transport company has the proper documentation such as a bill of lading upon arrival for pick up. The bill of lading serves as the pick up inspection where the classic car dealer transporter will notate any pre-existing imperfections that are on the restored car for sale at the time of pick up. The same document will be provided to you at the time of delivery so that you can make sure your classic auto sale is delivered in the same condition that it was picked up in.


In the event of damage during shipping, you can contact a shop for classic cars for an estimate on what it would cost to repair the vehicle. Classic cars for sale in the US rarely get damaged during transit but it does unfortunately happen sometimes. This is where selecting a reputable collector car sales auto transporter really helps so that you have recourse on whatever happens. 


Next time you are looking for a classic car for sale in USA, select TCI Logistics as your shipping partner. We will help guide you through the hardships of shipping a classic car. TCI recommends you do thorough research on your vintage car purchase before committing to it. There are many dealer classic cars that are not as described and unless you see them live, there is no way you will know. Call (312) 224-8620 or visit us at: www.TCIships.com and we can direct you in your vintage car selling/buying process and arrange transportation for you!               


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