Our industry is very dynamic, and changes in auto transport costs could vary from month to month. What most brokers don’t tell you is that if they give you the low quote that you are requesting, your vehicle might not be picked up on time. The difference in TCI Logistics Inc is that we have market researchers that have only one job and that is to give you the most accurate auto transport quote that would be affordable but at the same time, driver will be paid enough in order to have your vehicle picked up and delivered within the time frame provided.  Over the years we have experienced many clients that come to us, who have just cancelled their transport with another company because their vehicle hasn’t been picked up yet and it is already past the dead line. Other companies do not understand how frustrating your life could be when you have arranged everything else, the moving truck has already picked up your house items and it is on the way to your new home, your flight is on the next day but your vehicle is still not being picked up. Then TCI Logistics provides the appropriate quote, the client agrees to it and the vehicle is picked up the same day. It is a very common case in the auto transport industry, other companies do not understand the market like TCI Logistics does. Typically during the winter season, auto transport costs are less expensive than the summer. Our quotes are based on the amount of vehicles that need to be transported on a certain route and the availability of drivers in the area. At TCI Logistics we believe that each transport has it is own scenario and no move is like another. To get the most accurate quote for your auto transport visit us at or give us a call at 312-224-8620, our shipping experts are always ready to help and assist.

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