There are thousands of auto transport companies out there offering their service to transport your vehicle or motorcycle

However, there is a lot of misleading information that you might find out later on when it is too late. At TCI Logistics, we understand the client and the driver which gives us the advantage to have a smooth and easy transporting process. As well as being a broker, we have our own trucks and we do not only rely on our sub-contractors to have your vehicle hauled.  At TCI Logistics we understand the driver’s work and schedule. We will never mislead you with a pick up or delivery date just to have your transport. Our dispatch department has a very advanced way of keeping track of our trucks and is able to always give you the most accurate and honest pick up or delivery dates for your vehicle’s auto transport. We understand that delays could occur due to multiple different factors, it is the nature of the job. What sets us apart is that we have constant communication with our clients and if the shipment is being delayed, the client will be informed immediately in order for everyone to be on the same page. We also understand the driver’s job and needs. Once the client has booked with us, immediately we verify their pick-up and delivery addresses.

At TCI Logistics, we do provide door to door auto transport service,

however, sometimes it is physically impossible or local laws might prohibit the driver from getting in front of your door with the big semi-truck. That is why, TCI Logistics informs their clients immediately if that will be the case, it will give the client an opportunity to think ahead of time and avoid any inconvenience that might bring. Another thing that does not get brought up in the auto transport industry is that drivers are strictly regulated to how many hours they can work in a day.  Other companies could promise you a certain delivery date, without understanding the driver’s schedule or working technique. We all have very busy lives, balancing work, other errands and your vehicle transport could be very frustrating.  Our drivers are obligated to contact you 24 hours in advance before they show up to pick up your vehicle/motorcycle and the same day at least 1 hour in advance, that way client always knows when to expect their shipment to arrive or depart.  To make our job easier and client happier, at TCI Logistics, we are always honest even if it is what the client does not want to hear. By choosing TCI Logistics, you are guaranteed to receive constant communication and proper information.



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