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Buying and selling a vehicle used to be a long and stressful process. You used to have to go to the dealership physically and negotiate for hours. After hours of waiting in the lobby, you finally got to see your new car or new motorcycle, only to realize that the car or motorcycle wasn’t quite ready yet, and you had to wait a couple of days before going back to the dealership and getting it. Buying a used car or motorcycle wasn’t much easier, but at least most of the time you got the vehicle the same day, even then, it was an exhausting draining process. Nowadays, this process has been simplified to make your life easier as a consumer, but their life easier too, as the seller. Dealerships don’t want to waste time - they want to get into business, sell you a car or motorcycle, and get moving with another customer. Technology has helped both sides with the entire process by making it easier, quicker and mostly stress free. You can buy and sell a car or motorcycle within an hour all in the comfort of your own home.

Buying and selling car online

Buying a car or a motorcycle online:

Buying a car or a motorcycle online is as easy as it sounds. There are many websites that are meant to help consumers when it comes to buying a car or a motorcycle online. Websites such as and are great websites that help customers filter the exact features they want their new or used vehicle to have. Those websites help consumers choose their price range, mile range, new/used, additional features, as well as where the car or motorcycle is coming from. Depending on how specific customers want to be, their new vehicle might be states away from them. This used to be a problem, and a long logistic issue that could rarely be solved, however, now, with the help of car hauling, this process is not just doable - it’s affordable and easy too. Most dealerships can arrange easy deliveries of cars or motorcycles that are available far away from you for you to purchase. Other dealerships offer online purchase, even if you are out of state, and arrange for your car or motorcycle to be delivered directly to you. They mail the paperwork, you send them the money and the paperwork back, and your vehicle is available for pickup within days! Other dealerships take it one step further - carvana, for example, was the first “online-only” car retailer. With a simple process, you can buy a car from them, and have it delivered to you without going anywhere. Isn’t that something?

There are other ways one can purchase a car or motorcycle online. Ebay is one great example. Private sellers list their vehicles for sale on Ebay and after the bidding process, the buyer then proceeds to set up auto transport. When consumers purchase cars or motorcycles online, it is important to be careful with the entire process. Even though Ebay does a great job limiting fraud - it can still happen, and while you will get your money back eventually, it can be a long and painful process before you do. Choosing the right seller on Ebay is important, so choosing a seller with multiple feedback is almost essential. Once the purchase is done, the seller will typically mail the title to the buyer - do not wait until a driver is picking up your car or motorcycle, it is always a good idea to already have the title before finding the right company to ship your car or motorcycle. If the seller is not responsive after receiving their money, be alert and contact Ebay. It is never a good idea to purchase a car or a motorcycle on websites that do not back you up as a buyer.

Buying cars at auctions and selling them on Ebay

Once the purchase is complete, the buyer needs to do research on the right car or motorcycle transporter, and set that up. This part is extremely important - the right shipping company will talk to the seller and report any red flags they notice. An experienced agent will notice if things aren’t how they are supposed to be. For instance, the seller can stop answering or being hesitant to answer simple questions about the vehicle. The vehicle’s condition can also be different than what the buyer was expecting. Other essential details can be missing, and as an agent, it is their responsibility to make sure everything is going as planned - not just the shipping! Experienced car and motorcycle shipping agents are also needed when it comes to planning. They understand that a private sale is different from a dealership sale - they have to adjust to the seller’s schedule and do everything they can to make the process easy from the seller’s point of view too.

Another way of buying a car or motorcycle online is through auctions. Car and motorcycle auctions can be tricky. Certain auctions like Manheim will only sell you a car or motorcycle if you have a dealer’s license. There are some locations where some inventory is sold to the public through government auctions, but those sales are very limited. If you are a dealership, you will most likely purchase at bulk, at a lower rate, and from auctions like Manheim and Adesa. Buying cars at bulk or motorcycles at bulk, makes the shipping process easier and cheaper. With the right shipping agent, you will be able to find shipping at a discounted price, and usually much faster too. The right shipping company is extremely important because you do not want to just think about the price - saving money isn’t everything. The right agent will help you find the most efficient drivers, and will divide your bulk into the right amount to be distributed among the drivers.

Other auctions such as Insurance Auto Auction and Copart provide a platform to the general public to buy and sell used cars and motorcycles in their locations without a dealer license.. All you need to do is create an account, check out the bidding days, check out the inventory, do your research and make your purchase. Typically, doing research on the shipping market is a smart idea - you will have to take shipping price into account, because it could be the difference between making a profit or breaking even (sometimes losing money). If you have an experienced agent, they will help you search the market and tell you the price to ship your car or motorcycle. Another essential reason to have a good shipping agent is that those auctions typically charge storage after a couple of days or purchasing the car or motorcycle. If a bad agent is chosen because they said they were cheaper, but the car or motorcycle collects a few days of storage, all the saving you thought you would do will be gone and your car or motorcycle will still be at the lot waiting to get picked up. Do your research and choose the right agent based on ratings - not always price!

How much does it cost to ship a car

Selling cars and motorcycles online:

Selling cars and motorcycles online is just as easy as buying them - maybe even better because you will (hopefully) make money! There are a couple of ways to sell a car or motorcycle online. Previous websites and auctions mentioned above allow the general public to sell (or even donate) their vehicles online without a dealer’s license. Ebay is the best example, giving the seller a direct way to sell their car or motorcycle privately to another individual. Auctions or dealerships can be a little tricker as they are looking to buy your car or motorcycle for as cheap as possible so they can make a higher profit. If you buy a car or motorcycle from the public auctions, it is smart to make sure the car or motorcycle are in good shape, take a look at the pictures and call with any questions you may have. While most auctions are far from you, you can always see if they allow you to send someone to check out the vehicle before the sale. Once the bidding starts, be smart and try to purchase the car or motorcycle for as cheap as possible. Once you choose the right shipping company, you will receive your car or motorcycle quickly, and you can get it ready to sell. Whatever website you choose to sell your car or motorcycle, use your shipping agent to give you some advice. If you are paying for the transportation, depending on the route, a buyer in a specific state might be better than others. If you will not pay for shipping, it is recommended that you tell the buyer about your agent, that way, the buyer will feel more comfortable buying your vehicle.

Tips for buying a car or motorcycle online

Here are a few tips for buying a car or motorcycle online:

A few tips for selling your car or motorcycle online:

  • Research is always key.
  • Decide if you want to choose a dealer or a private seller.
  • Get a vehicle history report.
  • Have used cars inspected whenever possible.
  • See if the sale is final or if there is a return policy.
  • Find the right shipping agent.

A few tips for selling your car or motorcycle online:

  • Find the value of your car or motorcycle.
  • Consider selling your car or motorcycle in a city with higher demand.
  • Sell in spring or summer.
  • Make sure payment fully clears before releasing the car or motorcycle.
  • Find the right shipping agent.


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