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What is a Shipping Quote?

Auto shipping quotes are approximate estimates of how much you can expect to pay for the car shipping service. Very rarely, the price that is on the quote is different from the final price that the customer has to pay in the end. Sometimes, clients will omit important details related to the shipping process that may result in the company dedicating more resource to complete the job. For example, if it turns out that your car has a severe mechanical issue and we will need to use a towing company for the loading/unloading, we will have to pay for the additional equipment and labor involved in the process.

A shipping quote allows you to estimate your car shipping costs and so to plan your budget better. You can get a few quotes from the comfort of your home and then compare bids. TCI Logistics strongly advises to disregard incomplete quotes, or quotes that are too expensive or too cheap. Also, make sure that you are well aware of what is included in your quote and what is not. Furthermore, if a shipping company requires large deposits in advance, that is a red flag. Whereas during peak season you may be asked for a booking fee, a professional shipping company will never require from its customers to pay in full before the actual shipping process has even started.


Why do we need your information?

TCI Logistics needs some particular details before we can send you an accurate quote. The information that is requested helps us to calculate your shipping costs more precisely. When we know the make and the model of your car, we can estimate the weight and the size of your vehicle. That way we can plan how much space your car will occupy on the trailer. Moreover, there are weight restrictions that car carriers need to comply with.

Next, you should know that the type of trailer that is used also affects your car shipping costs. Generally, most of the shipments are hauled via open-air car carriers. It is a safe method and more than 90% of all vehicle shipments are performed via open trailers. However, if you are shipping a luxury vehicle, particularly vintage cars, then it is recommended that you request the enclosed method.

Last but not least, we ask for your contact information, so we can reach back and send you our offer. Sometimes, we may need some more details to calculate your final price. Surely, if you do not feel comfortable giving your email, or email communication is not your thing, feel free to call us and a sales representative will assist you.


Why should you fill in our car shipping quote?

We will never misuse or leak out your personal information to third parties.TCI Logisticstakes your sensitive data very seriously and we will keep all communication confidential. Whatever details that you provide with us will only be shared within the team and parties that directly take part in the shipping process.

TCI Logisticssends custom quotes. We can cope with the most intricate shipping challenges. Regardless of your situation, we will do our best to find the best solution for you. You will receive your precise auto shipping quote in minutes.We only require minimum information and so we can calculate your auto transport costs, without overwhelming you with unnecessary requests.


What to expect from us?

Professionalism – TCI Logisticshas shipped tens of thousands vehicles – all kinds and sizes of vehicles. No job is too small or big for us. We are licensed by the United States Department of Transportation and we abide with the strictest standards and safety regulations. Upon federal law, our company is insured, so we can provide the best protectionto its customers. Our drivers and support staff are trained to cope with force majeuresituations. Our employees have a proven record of tackling complex logistic challenges.We keep the lines of communication open at all times. If a problem occurs while your vehicle is in transit, we will do our best to resolve the issue urgently and reimburse you if there is a damage.

Transparency – TCI Logistics utilizes technology to help customers monitor their shipment at all times. You can reach us via email and phone, and social media as well. We would love to jump in help you with professional advice and providing the needed service.TCI is very flexible and we accept different types of payments. There are no obligatory deposits or large fees requested upfront. Our clients are informed about each step of the shipping process. You can reach us around the clock with any questions or concerns that you may have. Our transport experts will help you resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Reliability – We have thousands of happy consumers for the years in business. You can check a lot of testimonials submitted to us by past clients on our website. Also, you can visit the Better Business Bureau and check our rating and reviews there. Many customers have as well written online reviews in sites like TransportReviews. You can check our profiles to learn more about the specific cases our clients had to cope with. TCI Logistics employs a personal approach to each and every shipping challenge. Let us organize a fast and safe transport for your car, boat, or motorbike.

Cost efficiency – we will not only organize the best door-to-door auto transport for you, but also help optimize the shipping costs. TCI Logistics offer competitive shipping prices. We will send you an accurate car shipping cost based on the details that you have provided to us. Your car shipping price will be based on the make and the model of your vehicle and distance. Other factors that can affect your cost include the season, current gas prices, and accessory services, such as expedited service. The more details we have prior to the pickup date, the more accurate your shipping quote will be. You can as well call us!


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