Car Hauling in 2022: Everything You Need to Know


Car hauling is another term for vehicle transportation.

Car hauling is in essence moving vehicles from point A to point B as a service for someone in exchange for monetary compensation. Car transport companies perform vehicle transport services for people or corporations such as dealerships, moving companies or towing companies. Hotshot car hauling has become popular as of recently as it enables quick deliveries for customers who need their vehicles quickly. 

Car Hauling in 2022

Trucks for car hauling usually haul between 7 and 9 cars at a time. This makes the process worthwhile for the car hauling company and driver. It also provides the customers affordable prices. Car hauling trucks come in 2 variants: open and enclosed. Enclosed car hauling is vehicle transport in a trailer which is enclosed and not exposed to any outside elements such as wind, rocks or sand. Enclosed car hauling trailers provide vehicle transport service at a higher cost usually and primarily transport higher end automobiles. The typical enclosed trailer for car hauling will carry between 1 and 6 vehicles at a time. Car hauling enclosed trailers have ramps which are able to load low clearance vehicles such as sport cars and custom show vehicles. Car transportation is one of the trucking jobs which require a lot of experience. Car transport jobs carry huge responsibility and thus it is one of the higher paying trucking jobs. Although hard to get established, if one is able to do so it will provide a lucrative pay that is consistent.


For someone looking to get into the car transport service job, it is recommended that they start with a smaller set up such as hot shot car hauling. Going with something like a 3 car hauling trailer and a dually pick up truck will provide useful insight and experience for future development. Start off by finding a truck and look for car hauling trailers for sale. Car hauling rental trailers are also an option. One can also try a “car hauling trailers for sale near me” google search and websites that sell trailers will come up. The typical car hauling enclosed trailer will run higher in price than an open trailer option. You can either lease onto someone’s company or open your own business. Both have their pros and cons however for someone just starting, it might be the better option to run under someone else to gather experience. You will need to get car hauling straps to secure the vehicles on your trailer. Straps for car hauling can be purchased from auto hauler supply stores throughout the nation. Once ready to hit the road, it is important to have a steady supply of work. Car hauling load boards can help you fulfill your load so that you maximize profit margins.


Car hauling has for many decades delivered peoples’ vehicles and the industry around vehicle transportation will continue to grow as more and more vehicles are made yearly to accommodate people’s needs. Although car hauling is complex, with the right people and equipment it is possible to achieve a smooth experience. Advancements in technology have enabled trucking companies to deliver goods quicker than ever before.


Vehicle transportation is a useful service that can benefit many people/organizations. If you are looking to ship a vehicle or would like a quote, don’t hesitate to reach out to the car hauling experts at TCI Logistics!          

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