Car Shipping Prices: What Changed in 2022



The year 2022 just as any other year brought upon changes to just about everything and that includes car shipping rates. With inflation soaring, just about anything increased cost wise and so did car shipping prices.

car shipping prices
The cheapest car shipping prices became not so cheap anymore. For example, it was possible to transport a car coast to coast for around $1,200 which is no longer possible.
This is because of many things but mostly due to the fact that fuel prices skyrocketed and there is still a driver shortage lingering around from the post pandemic era. This will likely correct itself as the interest rates rise to decrease spending as to lower prices. With spending going down, the demand will not be as high as it was in the past 2 years meaning fuel prices should go down. The driver shortage will most likely also fix itself as more and more people are going back to work. With fuel prices going down and the driver shortage slowly correcting itself, we should expect cheap car shipping prices again! If you wish to ship a car overseas however, expect vehicle transport prices international to remain high as there just aren’t too many companies who have the physical ships needed to transport your car to another continent. On top of that, you will need a customs broker to handle your customs paperwork which costs a hefty amount as well. International car shipping prices have always been pricey and this will likely never change because of how special of an operation it is overall. Car shipping prices overseas rarely drop in cost however they also remain fairly constant. In contrast, car shipping prices United States are volatile and vary depending on the season. Depending on your needs, specialty vehicle transport such as enclosed or expedited shipping will cost even more. 

Car shipping prices US are also determined based on

  • distance
  • type of vehicle
  • overall geographical location for pick up and delivery. 

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