Car Transport by Train


Car transport by train is significantly different from the typical auto transport by truck. The two differ in that they use either a truck or a train as a method of transport to its destination. Shipping a car by train instead of by truck is usually a more cost effective solution but it is much slower than a truck car shipping option. The cost is cut down because the capacity of vehicles a train can take at one time is much greater than a semi truck thus lowering the final cost to the customer. Both options serve people well depending on their needs.

Car Transport By Train

Advantages of Truck Car Transport:

  • Faster delivery service
  • Consistently more available
  • Direct contact with dispatcher/driver for communication
  • Usually door-to-door service
  • Options of both open and enclosed shipping


Advantages of Shipping a Car By Train:

  • Usually shipping a car by train is more cost effective option. When you choose train car shipping you will save some money for other expenses.
  • Allows you to drop your car at a location
  • Some trains allow you to travel with train
  • Ship a car by train is more safe because of an enclosed service
  • Dealing with big companies such as AmTrak


Train auto transport is the way a majority of auto manufacturers transport masses of new vehicles to a rough geographical location and then truck auto haulers take the cars from the trains to their final dealership destination. It really serves a good purpose to big auto manufacturers as they have to ship thousands of vehicles and train car transport creates a safe and cost effective solution for them. That comes at a price however as the train can never reach the final destination as fast as a semi truck can.


Many people nowadays use the transport of your vehicle as you travel option for example if they will be going to a certain destination. You can go on the train and enjoy beautiful sightseeing across the country and get your vehicle transported at the same time. Transportation on a truck on the other hand is typically for people who don’t have much time or simply don’t want to go on a train or deal with train transport. 


With that being said, train car transport is definitely an alternative to traditional truck car transport but there are key differences which ultimately decide which option you will go with. We at TCI recommend truck car transport because of how convenient it is but train car transport is definitely an option for anyone out for an adventure or someone who has time on their hands.

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