Car Transportation Services in 2021: Everything You Need to Know


Car shipping services have changed dramatically over the past years and 2021 has been no different. This is caused by many different factors including the economy, the global pandemic, technology and an increase of operating costs. Whether for the good or for the bad, change is inevitable. In this article, we will go over the major changes that took place and the reason behind them.

Pricing Change

Car transportation services from state to state have increased in price in 2021 due to a number of reasons. The increase of fuel prices and insurance are some of the culprits. The lack of truck drivers isn’t helping either along with ever increasing regulations making many drivers leave the industry for good as trucking is not what it used to be anymore. If you are looking for cheap car shipping services, then you will have a hard time allocating a reliable company. There are states where transporting a vehicle is cheaper than in others. Car transportation services in Florida are usually some of the cheapest in the country. The cheapest car shipping services are not always the best ones just as with anything else. Car transportation services in California have been through the roof due to the very high fuel price in the state. Local car shipping services are usually cheaper than long distance moves. Luxury car transportation services are usually the highest priced and tend to take longer as there are not so many enclosed luxury vehicle haulers. Military car transportation services have gone up in price as well.


There has been a drastic decrease in the amount of truckers that go into the car hauling field. It is a very hard job and requires a lot of training and experience to be successful. It is not like conventional dry van/reefer trucking as it requires the driver to be skilled in loading and unloading as well as inspecting vehicles. That does not mean that there aren’t drivers, just not as many as the demand calls for nowadays. That results in reduced availability and longer wait times for customers. The pandemic has also contributed to some drivers switching industries to avoid contact with so many people. The availability of just about everything else has decreased and thus making it hard for trucks to remain on the road after experiencing a breakdown or another issue.               


Technology has helped the auto transport industry in a positive way as there are many tools on the internet that allow drivers to perform their job more efficiently. One such example is the change from paper bill of ladings to the usage of electronic bill of ladings. This allows drivers to perform pick ups and inspections at a fraction of the amount of time that it used to take. Another way technology has helped is through the usage of online maps and navigation systems. This allows drivers to plan their routes better than before. With the usage of satellite maps, it is now possible to see exactly where to stop and load/unload vehicles making interstate car transportation services easier than ever. The best car shipping services are backed by serious technology. Tech has helped customers as well because you can now research car transportation services reviews heavily to make the best decision. Don’t forget, you are one “car transportation services near me” search on google away from spectacular services.

Car Transportation Services in a Pandemic:

The Covid-19 global pandemic has changed just about any industry worldwide. The car shipping got affected in several ways. Drivers are now in most cases required to wear masks while interacting with customers and most dealers require masks to enter along with auctions and other facilities. The pandemic added to the driver shortage issue that the US is facing as many drivers stopped driving and turned to other industries with less face to face contact. Costs have increased as a result of this. Car shipping services state to state have changed to accommodate local laws. Every type of service from classic car transportation services to international car shipping services have increased in price due to the pandemic. The pandemic changed the new car shipping services market as well due to many manufacturers not being able to get new chips to finish producing their vehicles. As the pandemic continues to be halted, everything will return to normal.


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