Classic Car: Where You Can Buy It and How to Choose The Best Transport Company


Buying classic cars has always been something that people like to do. Nowadays, buying classic cars is a lot easier than it used to be. That special classic car of your dreams is just a few clicks away! However, there are a few steps you should take before buying the vehicle of your dreams.

Buying a Classic Car

The most essential part of buying a vintage car is research. You must do research every step of the way. The first question you should ask yourself is where you want to buy a classic car from. The first answer will be antique cars auctions. Auctions are easy, quick and efficient. However, there are a few problems with auctions too. It’s not always easy to access an auction, you can’t inspect the vehicle, and the competition is heavy. Another way of buying a vintage car is visiting a classic car museum. Many local museums put their cars for sale. Museums are good locations to learn about the vehicle and learn about any work that you need to do on the vehicle. Museums can be more expensive, but their cars are typically in better condition. One more option is to buy a classic car with another private individual. These sales can be trickier, as you will have to make sure the seller is being honest with you about the condition of the vehicle, but can also be the least expensive option.

Where You Can Buy a Classic Car

With the help of the Internet, attending an auction online, or buying a classic vehicle directly online is much easier, but your job is not done once you buy the car. Classic cars are rare, even the rusty ones, and you want to take care of the car regardless of the initial shape. That leads me to the next point:

Shipping a Classic Car

Doing research in the car transport company you are going to use is extremely important for a few reasons. The first reason is that it doesn’t matter what kind of shape your classic car is. Your classic car is just that - classic. You want to maintain the vehicle in the best shape possible until it gets to you so you can work on your project. If you buy a full restored antique vehicle, the car shipping company is even more important. Shipping a classic vehicle is different than shipping a regular car - of course there are a few similarities, but you want to pay extra attention to the car transport company you choose. When you ship a vintage car, price should not be your primary concern. Yes, you want to choose the best option that fits your budget, but if you solely focus on the price, you might choose a car transport company that will do more harm than good.

How to Choose The Best Car Transport Company?

In order to avoid harm, you must look up the companies and dig in into their reviews. Vintage car fans will typically leave good reviews and be very specific about their details if the auto shipping company did a good job, and the same goes for a bad job done. You want to choose a car transport company that cares about your classic car - not just your money!

The car transport company will listen to your details, and make your experience hasslefree. Your classic car shipping company should provide “white glove service,” meaning that their service is a premium delivery service. You have to pay close attention to details, and you have to make sure the car shipping company pays close attention to details as well.

Once you choose your shipping company, you have to select which option you will choose: open or enclosed transportation. Typically, your car transport company will help you choose the appropriate type of transportation. For example, if this is a classic auto that you will do a lot of work on, you might not need enclosed transportation. Since you chose a reliable auto shipping company, like TCI LOGISTICS, your agent will already select a special driver that will handle your classic vehicle shipping with extreme care. On the other hand, if you are shipping a very special antique car, that is fully restored and needs extreme attention, your car shipping agent will help you choose the right enclosed transportation that meets your needs. Regardless of the option you choose, your car transport company will select the right driver for you. Afterall, a vintage car transport company understands that shipping a classic car is not the same as shipping a regular car, therefore, the driver needs to be different. Classic car transportation requires a driver that pays close attention to details, takes very good care of vehicles, and provides “white glove service” at all times.

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Transporting a Classic Car to Shows

Many classic car fanatics, love to ship their vehicles to car shows. Selecting the right car transport company when it comes to car shows is essential to the entire operation. Shipping to a car show requires a very advanced agent that will make sure a few things fall into place before your vehicle is shipped.

Classic Car ShowsThe first thing that an advanced agent will make sure they know is the dates. You cannot miss the car show by one day or even one hour. It is a good idea to plan for the auto to be received one day before the show - that way you are ready and have plenty of time to make sure the vehicle is fully ready for the show. Since timing is essential, selecting the right car shipping company is important because they must select the right driver to deliver the vehicle. All details need to be out on the open with all the parties involved. Communication needs to be top priority together with security of your vehicle. It will cost a little more, but the right car shipping company will make sure every detail is taken care of while still meeting your budget.

Make sure whatever you are doing, if you are restoring a classic car and shipping it to yourself, or you are shipping it to a show, or even moving to another state, prepare your vehicle appropriately. If it is a project, make sure the vehicle isn’t leaking any fluid, all parts are secured, and communicate with your agent about the state of the vehicle. If the car is not operable, then a winch is needed. Your car shipping agent will arrange a driver with a winch for you. If the vehicle is ready to go to a show, let your agent know if there are any additional parts you want to ship with your antique auto; give details to your agent - some classic cars are trickier than others to handle, if there are any special details, let your agent know. Research and communication are the key more than ever when you are shipping a classic vehicle. Make sure to choose the right auto shipping company for your needs, so you can enjoy your project and enjoy the car shows stress free - I suggest using TCI LOGISTICS.

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