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People all over the United States are moving their cars or motorcycles more and more each and every year. Some people change jobs and move, others go to schools in a different state, some people buy cars online, others ship a classic car to the shows, etc. Whatever your reason to ship your vehicle may be, it is always in your interest to choose the auto or motorcycle transport company near you. When it comes to your vehicle being shipped, you don’t just want to choose based on price. You want to do deeper research to see which company truly is the best. The same goes for overseas auto transport- while the results will be different, choosing the correct international auto transporter is the same process:

Discober the best car shipping company near me

Whenever you google

“car (or motorcycle) shipping company near me”, or “international car shipping companies near me”,

a few results will come up, those results will be based on your location, but also based on who is spending the most amount of money in their ads. This is why it is highly recommended to search beyond those keywords. Companies pay to advertise keywords, so just because a certain company comes up first when you search for best auto transporter near you or best overseas car shipper, it doesn’t mean they are the best - it means they are spending the most money on those keywords. From the company’s point of view, spending money on advertisements is the right way to get the public’s attention. However, as a consumer, the best thing to do is to deepen that research. Look beyond “best car shipping company near me” or “best overseas car shipping company near me,”, and beyond basic generic ratings websites. Choosing the correct transporter near you can be helpful - they know the area well, they will make sure your vehicle is in good hands since they know most drivers from the area, and can facilitate with the dates, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be a company near you. The same goes for “best overseas auto transport companies near me.” It is helpful to have the best international car shipper near you, so you can drop off the car directly to them, but it is not a must. Here are a few things to look for when researching for the “best auto transport company near me” and “best overseas auto transport companies near me”.


The first results “best car or motorcycle shipping company ” or “best international car shipping company” will be a google profile.


If a business does not have a google profile, that is a red flag - they are hiding something!

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Professional vehicle shipper will have nothing to hide, as their reviews will closely match their actual performance. However, some companies pay individuals to leave positive reviews on their profiles - a practice that is highly unprofessional and misleading to consumers. Read those reviews nonetheless, because by reading them you will see if people are too repetitive, too specific with their words, and too positive. Do not stop and choose a company solely based on their google profile. Keep researching for the best transporter near you.

“The best car transport company near me” or “the best overseas car shipping company near me” results will have other profiles on other websites that will backup their outstanding reviews. Another good website is Yelp. While Yelp does hide many positive reviews (look at reviews not recommended by them too, those are typically left by people who do not use Yelp as often but are real people), it is much harder to leave a fake Yelp review. The downside is that many customers go on Yelp to leave a negative review, while those with a positive impression, often do not take the time to leave a positive review. That means you must keep on looking!

There are certain auto transport review websites that I recommend checking out. Those websites are meant for customers that recently shipped their vehicle or motorcycle and left a review based on their experience. Those websites often can help you choose a service provider, or at least filter the results a little better. A couple of examples are: and - these websites are specifically designed to assist both the business and a future customer.

Another result you should look for when searching for best car transporters is BBB or better business bureau, is a great website that goes beyond reviews. When searching for the right car or motorcycle transporter, BBB will tell you a little more than just customers’ reviews. If the business has an updated profile with them, you can see their complaints, the reviews, and how big the company is. Certain auto shippers are also “BBB accredited.” Those companies are companies that BBB determined are committed to make a “good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints.” In other words, those companies are professional companies that do everything they can to assist consumers. The best international auto shipper near you will certainly have a “BBB profile,” and will be “BBB accredited.”

When you put all of this together, you will be able to choose auto shipper near you or the best international transporter. If you skip a couple of steps, you may end up choosing the wrong car or motorcycle moving company for your needs. There are a lot of misconceptions out there when it comes to the “best” vehicle or motorcycle transporter. Once you do your research, put it all together, and see if reviews are matching each other. Many customers will leave the same review on different websites. Professional transporting companies, will not hide reviews and will answer reviews in a professional manner, too.

When searching for the best overseas car shippers near you, your results will be a little different - that is because the most reliable shipping agents near you, usually does not ship overseas. However,if you truly chose the best auto transporter near you, that same company can assist you not just choosing the best international shipper, but can also help in delivering your vehicle to those companies. Depending on where you want to ship your vehicle or motorcycle, your research will be different. If you are sending a vehicle to Europe your search will have to include “Europe”, and not just “best international car shipping company near me”. Different countries have different rules on what you can take there and how. The best international auto transporter will help you follow all the rules and regulations so you don’t have to worry once your vehicle arrives at its final destination. Therefore, it is highly recommended to do a thorough search. International companies are harder to track, harder to control and harder to communicate with, so you have to make sure to do research on them. Typically your U.S based vehicle shipper can assist you with choosing the correct company, however, do not rely just on them. Just like here, many international vehicle transport companies pay for advertising, so the first result might not be the best one!

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