Door to Door Transportation: The Ultimate Guide


The auto transport industry is complicated with many factors which have to be taken into consideration.

One of these factors is Door to Door Transportation.

There is uncertainty between customers and auto shipping providers when it comes to door to door transport.

Door to Door Transportation Services

Because we have our own car carrier semi trucks, we are well aware of exactly what it takes to provide door to door transport services.

When searching for “door to door car transportation near me” on google or any other search engine, consider the following:


Here are some things to consider:

  • Geographical Location of Pick Up and/or Delivery
  • Size of Truck Coming to Pick Up or Deliver
  • Local Restrictions Such as “No Trucks Signs”
  • Low Hanging Trees and/or Wires
  • Parked Vehicles on Sides of Streets Preventing Wide Turns


Door to Door Transportation Services are a touchy subject as every carrier has different equipment including length, height and weight. With that being said, a full size 80 Foot semi truck car carrier cannot access tight neighborhoods throughout the country because it is not allowed, not safe and can cause damage. Most car transport companies that offer door to door shipping do not really understand what that means as they are only brokers and not carriers that own semi trucks as well. It is easy to say door to door transport, but ultimately it comes down to whether or not the trucker can fit into the neighborhood and if they are violating any laws while doing it. Door to door auto transport service is available mostly in the developments which are newer with wider streets. Picture a street on Long Island, NY and then picture a street in Phoenix, AZ. What should come to mind is a small tiny curvy street in NY with low hanging trees and a wide open street in Phoenix, AZ with little to no obstacles. It is of top priority for the driver to keep the load safe of all impacts such as low hanging tree branches or low hanging wire. It is also important to understand that the size of the rig coming to deliver your vehicle determines whether or not they can fit safely in your neighborhood. Semi trucks are less capable of making tight turns thus will require wider streets and/or an open parking lot making it easy to go in and out. Another thing they look out for are signs which prohibit large trucks or heavy machinery to enter/exit the neighborhood. The tickets for violating these laws are very expensive and because of this truckers are even more afraid to attempt to enter neighborhoods. In some areas it is not even possible for a truck to enter a specific location because the streets are not designed for huge semi trucks. Smaller equipment such as a dually pick up truck and a 3 car wedge trailer has made it easier to perform harder to access locations but still cannot be guaranteed as the overall length of the truck/trailer combination exceeds 45 feet. It is vital to consider the region. For example, New York door to door transportation is pretty difficult. On the other hand, Los Angeles door to door service is much easier.. Lastly, truckers watch for vehicles parked on the street on either side which might interfere with them making a tight turn to enter or exit. The general rule of thumb is if the truck looks like it’s too big to fit, the carrier will ask you to meet somewhere around. These are all things which determine whether or not door to door service is available in your area. There is a bright side to everything though, we are here to assist you! TCI lets you enjoy your time while we take care of your vehicle transport. Book your door to door reservation today by calling (312) 224-8620 or by visiting!

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