How we guarantee a pleasant experience with TCI's auto transport services?

Transporting automobiles has many factors that come into play that determine the experience that the customer receives. We strive to provide an easy process that eliminates headaches for the customer. To begin your auto transport solution, our representatives give you the lowest price possible while taking into consideration your time constraints and requests. After you have booked an order for auto transport with us, we take care of the rest.  The only thing you have to do is prepare your vehicle for shipping. Following booking, we begin to process your request. Once we have obtained a driver to transport your vehicle, we implement our safety procedures to make sure everything will go as planned. Once everything is set, we release the exact pickup time and delivery schedule. To make sure our client has proper communication, we supply them with the driver’s information. After your vehicle has been loaded by our transporter, we will provide updates throughout the way so that you know exactly where your vehicle is on its way to the destination.  You can call us at any time for updates as well.  You will be alerted before the delivery of your vehicle with at least a 24 hour notice and a 2 hour heads up notice on the day of delivery. Once the trucker shows up to deliver your vehicle, you will perform an inspection of your vehicle.  If you see a scratch or dent that you think may have been caused by the transporter, you must note it on the bill of lading as a new damage. The trucker will either request the payment for delivery or just release your vehicle if you have already paid in full.  You will be able to enjoy your beloved vehicle once again!  Book with confidence knowing that TCI ensures the safest transportation process available.

Preparing my car for auto transport

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