For many people, shipping their car is something new, pricing and timing factors could be unfamiliar.

To answer the question of how much it costs to ship a vehicle, we need to take a few things into consideration.

  • What is the distance of the transport?
  • During which season are you shipping the vehicle?
  • Do you need the car transported via open transport or enclosed transport?
  • Are the pick-up and delivery zip codes nearby big metropolitan cities?
  • How fast do you need the vehicle transport?

What is the distance of the transport?

It is common sense for everyone to do the calculation. If you are transporting the vehicle coast to coast it will likely cost more than if you are shipping the car only a state or two away. When calculating the rate per mile, the general idea is that the longer the miles the less the rate per mile becomes. The shorter the distance the higher the rate per mile. A typical sedan move for coast to coast transport will result in 30 cents to 40 cents per mile depending on the scenario. When shipping the car for less than 1000 miles, the general rate is 40 cents to 75 cents a mile depending on the exact transport.

During which season are you shipping the vehicle?

Another thing to keep in mind when shipping a vehicle is, is the time when you are moving a time when a lot of other customers are also shipping vehicles? This brings us to the law of supply and demand. If there are a lot of vehicles to be shipped coming out of a certain state, the shipping cost of your vehicle will increase. A quick example is with the “Florida Snow Birds”. Each autumn, auto transport quotes going to Florida and Arizona get more expensive due to thousands of people needing their vehicles transported at the same time, drivers could pick and choose from the cars available to transport. At the same time if you need a car to be transported on the way back, coming out of Florida/Arizona, the car shipping cost will be significantly lower. If you are in need of cheap auto transport, moving when everyone else is moving is not a good idea.

Do you need the car transported via open transport or enclosed transport?

There are two auto transport options, Open transport and Enclosed Transport.

By far the most popular method is shipping cars via open transport. It is used on daily basis by most private customers, dealerships and auto auctions, it is the way to go if you are looking for a more affordable and quick auto transport. Open Transport is designed primarily for cars that are worth under $100,000 with vehicles that are not very low to the ground. Enclosed auto transport is designed for high-end vehicles or racing cars that have very low clearance. The price between open and enclosed transport varies between $400-$700 depending on the route and size of vehicle being transported. With either transport option, the customer is ensured that the vehicle transported is fully insured while in transit.

Are the pick-up and delivery zip codes nearby big metropolitan cities?

A big factor that plays a role of how much the customer is paying is, from where to where the car is being transported. Big cities like New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami and many more are full of car haulers looking to transport vehicles. If your car is being transported from a big city going to another big city, the chances of your vehicle to be picked up quick at an affordable rate is very high. On the other side of the spectrum, if you need your vehicle to be transported from Casper, WY going to Greenwood, MS then the cost to ship a car will increase due to the low volume of car haulers working in those two areas. The pick-up timing might be delayed as well until an available driver is present.

How fast do you need the vehicle transport?

Is the pick-up and delivery timing of your vehicle urgent? Depending on how flexible the customer is with the pick-up timing, the cost to ship a vehicle might vary. With the standard quotes that TCI Logistics provides, we offer a pick up within 1-4 days from the first available pick-up date. Our goal is always to have the vehicle picked up and transported as soon as possible. If the customer requires a same-day pick up of their vehicle, the price will increase by$100-$200 depending on the pick-up origin.

When reaching out to TCI Logistics for an auto transport quote, we take all of these factors into consideration in order to provide the most affordable auto transport quote given the scenario of the auto transport needed by the customer.

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