How Simple Can International Car Shipping Be?


Can you believe that shipping your vehicle between the USA and other parts of the world can be very simple?

Moving the whole household abroad is something that you don’t do often and it costs a lot. That’s why the best strategy is to plan every single detail. Your car shipment is not different - there are challenges, however, here is a quick guide to assist you! Afterall, you want to keep your vehicle, not sell it!

International Car Shipping

Let’s see what do you need

The first thing you’ll need is a partner to help you ship your vehicle abroad - a partner who would have all tools to ensure smooth international shipping for your vehicle.

  1. Check if your car meets environmental and safety requirements for vehicles in the country where you are moving to – there are some restrictions in some countries.
  2. Do an online search, ask friends, or read testimonials about other people's experience about the cost of international car shipping. You can see at any international car shipping calculator the approximate amount of money you will need to set aside just for transportation of your car.
  3. Get ready
    • Bill of Sale
    • Car’s documents
    • Notarized Power of Attorney
    • Passport / Customs ID
  4. Plan when you will be available to pick up your car from the place of arrival at the final destination. E.g. it takes a few weeks to have the car delivered from the US to Europe. If you are moving to South Korea though it can take up to 10 – 14 weeks.
  5. Think about how you would like your vehicle to be exported – via shared or single container, and compare the prices.


Our advice:

Search for an “international car shipping company near me” and you will get the most secure information about the options you have to ship your vehicle overseas.

Also, this way you will gather information about the most popular destinations for car shipping; any information about door to door service, and most popular ports.

  • Most of the companies offering international car shipping have access to warehouses where the well-trained team will load your vehicle and prepare it for transportation.
  • When you ask for an online quotation, ask the salesperson for more information regarding the details and terms of the service.

Let’s say you have passed the above steps. What is next?

You have agreed with the international vehicle shipping company. You have planned the route, the timetable, and the expenses. Then you should follow the rules before having your car shipped.

  • Fill ¼ of the tank;
  • Make sure your car is in a running condition which means that you better visit your car mechanic before planning the shipping.
  • When an international shipping company’s person comes to pick up your car, they will check the car’s documents as well the car’s condition – technical condition, any scratches, or dents. Usually, an international car shipping provider would take pictures of your car.
  • They will put the inspection report in writing and of course, they will expect your signature on the paperwork.

Now the car is ready to depart and you will meet it again soon. Sounds simple, right?

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