How to Best Plan for Cross Country Move


Just like with anything else, if you are looking to perform a cross country move then it must be well planned out. Moving across country can be a stressful process. Cross country moves require a good solid plan so that the process can be smooth and worry-free. When moving cross country, you want to have all bases covered. Use this guide to make the best plan for your move across the country.


Figure Out Dimensions

To get accurate pricing from a cross country moving company, you will need to provide accurate dimensions such as length, width, height and weight for your items. It is best to sit down and make a list of items like furniture and boxes and write their size accordingly. This way when you are getting a quote from an across country shipping agent, you have all the information needed to receive accurate options for moving cross country. Keep in mind that the more items you need to move cross country, the higher your total quote will be. Many companies offer in-home consultations to examine the items needing cross state moving and give you the definite price to move all goods. 

How to Best Plan for Cross Country Move

Find a Quality Cross Country Mover   

To do this, you want to research and compare the best cross country moving companies to gain a perspective on who to use. Use popular search engines to find a list of cross country movers and narrow down your results. Once you have done that, take the list of movers you have come up with and do further research on popular review websites such as Yelp, Google and BBB. This will ensure you see the best cross country movers reviews. This will really narrow down your results even further and then you can select the best moving cross country company. It is not a good idea to look for cheap cross country movers. You should compare prices and choose the one that works for you. Once you have decided on your cross country mover, it is time to begin the booking process. After completing the booking process, you will receive instructions from the cross country movers company as to when the truck and moving team will be arriving.


The Pick Up:

On your scheduled pick up day, the across country movers will arrive at which point you will direct them to your house/apartment. It is important to let the across the country movers or whoever calls you any specific instructions like where to stop. This will ensure a smooth process. The shipping team will then begin to package all of your belongings so that they can be boxed and ready for placement inside the cross state shipping company trailer. Then the items will be inventoried and loaded. They will give you a bill of lading or some sort of documentation to sign for your record. You will receive the same document on delivery. Once everything has been loaded and secured the cross country moving truck will be on its way.


What to Expect During Transit Period

The cross state movers will transport your goods to their destination and will update you as they continue moving across states. Moving across the country is not easy and thus requires a decent amount of time to safely complete. Refer to the estimated delivery date which should be given to you at the time of booking your cross state movers. They will call you prior to arrival so that you know when to expect them. Understand that all times are estimated and subject to change. Weather and traffic are some of the things that can delay moving cross country. In the event of a truck breakdown, the across country shipping companies will notify you and try their best to eliminate the issue as quickly as possible. If there are other cross country moving trucks around, they might bring one of those trucks to take over the load and finish the trip.      


The Delivery Process

Once the cross country moving and storage company arrives, they will begin the delivery process. All of your goods will be unloaded and brought inside your new home. Make sure to look over everything thoroughly and see if there is something that they might have forgotten or missing. If there is anything, make sure to notate it on the delivery inspection/inventory sheet so that you can claim. Direct the moving company as to where to place your items. Once your delivery is complete, the cross country moving service will leave. You can now enjoy your new life in your new home! For the best rated cross country moving companies, contact TCI and we can refer you to an excellent company. Call us at (312) 224-8620 or visit us online at:

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