How to Ship a Car to Another State in 2022: Everything You Need to Know


Have you ever wondered what it takes to transport car to another state?  If you are looking to ship your car to another state, then you can use this guide to help you navigate the car shipping lands.  With every new year comes change and it is no different in the car shipping industry.  The pandemic changed our daily lives drastically and it affected almost every industry along the way.  Shipping a car to another state is slightly different than getting it towed or transported in the same state.  Although it differs in several aspects, it is also similar in many ways.  Here is a list of things which are similar and different in the process of moving your car to another state:




The cost to transport a car to another state is usually higher than moving it locally because of the amount of resources it requires to do so.  Going a longer distance to get your car shipped to another state means that more fuel is required for the truck transporting your car which results in a higher transportation fee.  The transporter will also go through toll ways in many cases which also adds to the higher pricing when transporting car out of state.  How much to get a car shipped to another state?  The answer varies greatly depending on the time of year, which state you are shipping your car to and the type of service chosen (enclosed or open.)  The cheapest way to ship car to another state is to gather multiple quotes from auto transportation companies and go with the lowest priced one.  Keep in mind that moving car to another state shouldn’t be suspiciously cheap.

Cost to ship car to another state

Pick Up and Delivery Timeframes:


The amount of time required for pick up and delivery will be longer usually compared to a local delivery.  This is caused partly by the amount of time it takes the transportation driver to drive the longer amount of miles required to reach the destination.  Long distance transportation trucks usually carry between 7 and 9 cars to make the trip worthwhile whereas a local delivery truck usually carries between 1 and 3 vehicles.  Because of this, the time it requires for the driver to pick up and deliver all of the vehicles also increases.  Overall,  the pick up and delivery timeframes when you want to transport car to another state will be longer than that of a local same state delivery.




The pandemic and labor shortage decreased the availability of auto hauler drivers throughout 2020 and 2021.  We are expecting 2022 to be better with the pandemic coming to an end and everything getting back to normal.  This means that allocating a driver to transport your car to another state might take less time than in the previous 2 years.  An issue that many car transport companies are faced with nowadays is the lack of availability of parts and mechanics.  This means that in the unfortunate event of a mechanical breakdown, the process to get back up and rolling might take longer resulting in a later delivery timeframe.  This is, however, expected to get better with supply chain issues being slowly fixed.  When you want to ship vehicle to another state, there aren’t too many companies that offer the service so sometimes it might take a little while to allocate a shipper.  Although it may require you to wait a little bit, the process of “transport my car to another state” will ultimately be worth it.




Every trucking company that will transport car to different state is fully insured and bonded.  This means that any physical damage that a vehicle might incur during transportation will be fully covered by the insurance of the trucking company.  For small damages such as scratches and dings, the trucking company pays out of pocket usually as the deductible on their insurance is greater than the amount required to fix the damage.  When I wanted to move my car to another state, the first thing I wondered about was whether trucking companies are insured or if my insurance is the one responsible in case of damage.  This is of utmost importance as the distance required to get car shipped to another state is much greater in most cases than in the same city or state so the risk for something to happen increases.  99.9% of vehicle transportation is done damage free, but in the unlikely event of damage; you are fully protected.  


How to ship your car to another state? 


Start by calling the experts at TCI Logistics for your free “ship my car to another state” quote.  We will go over the entire process thoroughly so that you understand everything clearly.  You will then be given your quote and you can further do research to see that there is no better choice than TCI!  We will go over everything from availability to the cost to ship car to another state.  Pricing will be discussed and different trailer options when you want to send car to another state.  Next time you are thinking about how to transport a car to another state, don’t hesitate and call TCI!  We will take care of the rest.   

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