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What is long distance car transport?

Long distance car transport is the transportation of vehicles going a distance of usually more than 800 miles. This type of transportation is carried out by big semi trucks as opposed to short distance where smaller truck/trailer combinations are used. It has gained popularity with the ever increasing cost of energy prices. People are also getting busier and busier leaving them with no time to drive cross country.

Long Distance Car Transport


Is it the same as short distance transport?

Long distance car transport services have the same benefits as short distance. It is also fully insured and with all taxes and fees included. Although it has the same benefits, some things are different with this type of transport. This service saves your car countless miles of wear and tear while allowing you to deal with many other things associated with moving such as packing or planning.


What’s the cost?

The cost for this type of service will be higher however the rate per mile for your specific move might be lower. This is because the trucks and trailers used for this type of transport carry more vehicles over a longer distance resulting in a lower rate per mile per car on their load. Although this is a good thing, there are many miles usually to go before reaching your destination meaning the total sum of the cost will still be a hefty amount. Prices are on the rise currently because of the high price of diesel although that could change in the future.


Do they come to my door/driveway?

Truck drivers and their dispatchers will most likely ask you to meet somewhere in a larger plaza or open area if you live in a tight neighborhood with low hanging trees. This is largely because the trucks are 80-85 foot semi trucks with 2 level trailers. The carriers also try to avoid these areas so that the cars have no possibility of contact with tree branches or low hanging wires as to avoid damage to the load. There are also many local ordinances that truck drivers must look out for to avoid hefty fines.


What is terminal service?

Some car transport long distance companies utilize local terminals to perform their pickups and deliveries from the customer directly. This means that a local truck will come to pick up or deliver your vehicle and it will be taken to a storage facility where the other part of the load will be consolidated and loaded on the truck/trailer. This also means that it won’t be a single driver dealing with your car. This type of service is useful if you need a guaranteed pick up date/time because it is usually a one vehicle capacity flatbed style tow truck that comes to pick up or deliver your vehicle.


How long does it take?

Long distance car transportation takes on average 7-10 days for moves over 1800 miles and 5-7 days for moves 800-1700 miles. Keep in mind that delivery times vary depending on traffic, other customers, weather and many other factors. It takes even longer in the winter as snow storms and icy conditions do not allow drivers to cover as much ground as usual.


Where can I find it?

You can find long distance transport by calling TCI Logistics at (312) 224-8620 or by visiting our website at www.TCIships.com. You can also research and compare us with many other logistics providers by going to a search engine and typing “long distance transportation services near me.” Please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions. You will get the expertise of one of our professional auto transport agents to guide you through the entire process.

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