Motorcycle shipping with TCI: Some Facts You Need to Know


TCI Logistics is an industry leader and a preferred motorcycle shipping company by many, we take great pride in the professional manner our firm is able to handle motorcycle transport nationwide. TCI also specializes in international motorcycle shipping. We also could ship your motorcycle to Hawaii.

Motorcycle Shipping

Specialized motorcycle transporters are a lot less compared to vehicle transport drivers, therefore it could take up to a few days longer to have the motorcycle picked up.

Most of the motorcycle shipping happens via enclosed transport by drivers that specialize in enclosed transport only.

The most common equipment used among drivers is a 2-3 car enclosed trailer converted and specialized for motorcycle transportation. Motorcycles get rolled in and out of the trailer. When the motorcycle is placed in the trailer, it is strapped down in an upright position in a safe manner to avoid any suspension damage. Service is offered whether the customer is shipping your motorcycle within the state or is looking for cross country transport.

TCI Logistics could arrange your motorcycle to be transported from any point to any point in the continental states, Alaska and Hawaii. Price and timing varies on multiple factors such as: season, availability of drivers and location. Customers can receive a quick and easy motorcycle shipping quote, and our company often gets feedback that compared to other providers, TCI Logistics offers cheap motorcycle transport. If a customer needs to receive an offer for motorcycle transport, we encourage the customer to reach out to us in order to get an idea of the exact motorcycle shipping costs. Motorcycle transportation time from Hawaii or to Hawaii varies on the season and volume of work the ports have.

On average, if the pickup location and delivery location are bigger cities, pick up timing is within a few days from the first available pick up date. Coast to coast transit time is typically 7-10 depending on other pickups and deliveries that the driver has. Average delivery time for up to 1,500 miles is 4-5 days.

With the motorcycle transport quotes that TCI Logistics offers, the following things are always included: Door to door service, full insurance of the motorcycle while in transit and all taxes and fees.

Throughout the years, TCI Logistics has developed a large and reliable network of motorcycle transporters ensuring that we are able to provide a quick pick up with a professional service while in transit.


The process to transport your motorcycle with TCI Logistics is very easy. Once an order is placed, TCI Logistics starts setting up the transport based on the discussed dates prior booking. With the first available driver option, our office will contact the customer to discuss the exact pickup and delivery details, if the customer approves, the driver gets booked.


When transporting your motorcycle, the damage claim percentage is about 0.5%, extremely low. In case of a damage, the motorcycle is fully insured by the driver and by TCI Logistics with no deductibles to the customer.


Size of the motorcycle matters as far as how expensive the quote is. The bigger the motorcycle, the harder it is to handle for the driver and the more space it takes in the trailer, therefore, the bigger the bike, the more expensive the quote will be compared to a smaller motorcycle that is easier to handle and takes less space.

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