Moving to Hawaii: What is Important to Know about Car Shipping


Moving to a new place to live is inherently stressful. When you move from the mainland to Hawaii you cannot just put your family and luggage in the car and drive off. Moving to this sunny exotic place is even more stressful. Yes, you are going to paradise, but there is still so much to do.

You need to use all of your organizational skills, contacts and gather a lot of information before sitting down on your new home’s sofa with a glass of Blue Hawaii in your hand.

If you are one of those people who decided to move to Hawaii for a long time or even if you are moving just for a few months, you still need to take care of a lot of things.

We want to share information related to the specifics of shipping a car to Hawaii.

Since we all love our cars, one of the main questions you are asking yourself is:

“How can I cope with shipping my car to Hawaii?

Car Shipping to Hawaii

Moving away can be stressful, especially with trying to figure out how to cope with transportation. Here are a few main facts you should know about shipping a car to Hawaii:

  1. When you do your research for the cost of shipping a car to Hawaii you will see it doesn’t take a lot of money. It is absolutely affordable to ship your car from the mainland to Hawaii.

  2. There are a lot of companies providing vehicle shipping to Hawaii so you have a good amount of choices – you can compare their terms and costs and you will have the best service around your situation. Car shipping companies have user-friendly websites or mobile applications to browse from. You can book and pay online.
  3. Most companies have the same rules for shipping to Hawaii. Let's make it clear on what you need to bear in mind before dropping off your car for shipping to Hawaii from Seattle, San Diego or any other port city:
    • Make sure your car is clean and empty – do not leave any personal items in the car.
    • Make sure there is a quarter of a tank of gas in your vehicle.
    • Vehicle must be drivable
    • The car's documents must be in perfect order. All its owners must agree to its relocation. If you bought the car on installment, you must have the consent of the leasing company.
    • Be ready to pick it up in Hawaii as you have agreed with your car shipping provider.
    • You can ask for a quote for transhipment of your vehicle to the islands of Kauai, Molokai and Lanai. Car shipping companies are flexible and they can work around your requirements.
  4. In case you live far from Seattle or another port city on the West coast, you have an option to agree with your vehicle shipping partner to pick your car up from your home and drive it to the port. It will cost a little bit more, but it will save you time and the inconvenience of driving long hours.
  5. Most shipping companies offer the same price to ship your car to Hawaii regardless of the type of vehicle – the price can be the same for all cars, as long as the vehicle is not over 7ft tall or over size.

After you have chosen the service and agreed with terms and conditions, you should know that your car will be in great hands with the company’s qualified staff. Just take a plane and in a few hours you will land in Hawaii.

Enjoy the beautiful place

Enjoy the beautiful place in your beloved car!

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