Many people ship their vehicles for the first time and it might be their only time, it is not something that everyone does, therefore there might be a lot of questions when it comes down to preparing the vehicle for the auto transport.

Once the customer has chosen the car shipping company, the preparation starts

TCI Logistics always suggests the following steps for people with awaiting for their car to be relocated via open transport or enclosed transport:

Wash your car before shipping

Wash your vehicle ahead of time, make sure to do a thorough vehicle inspection, noting down every single scratch or dent the vehicle might have, taking pictures of your vehicle’s condition prior the car shipping company shows up to pick up your car could always assure that you have documentation of your vehicle’s condition before it was picked up. The driver that is assigned to transport the vehicle, will do an inspection making sure to note all damages that the vehicle has prior pick up, the customer will have to sign off on the bill of lading confirming that everything is correct on the inspection sheet. Upon delivery of the vehicle, the customer will be doing the inspection on the same bill of lading from the pick-up, making sure that there are no new dents or scratches that have resulted during the auto transport. It is very important to do a side inspection of the vehicle prior the driver showing up in order for the customer to be confident of their car’s condition before it gets picked up so that if there is anything new upon delivery of the vehicle, it could be noted on the bill of lading immediately.

Wash your car and take pictures

Things to keep in mind:

  • Tire Pressure: Having the right tire pressure guarantees that during the auto transport there no additional damage will be caused to your tires.
  • Fuel Level: Auto transport companies prefer having less than full fuel tanks in the vehicles in order to reduce the total weight of the transporting truck.
  • Leaking vehicles: Make sure to let your car shipping agent know if your vehicle has any oil or coolant leaks.
  • Antennas: Antennas and other sticking out parts of the vehicle that could be removed are suggested to be taken out prior the vehicle transport.

The total cost of the shipping

With the car shipping quotes that TCI Logistics provides, the total cost includes up to 100lbs of items to be transported in the trunk or rear seat at no additional cost. It is very important to remember that the personal items in the vehicle are not insured, and that only your vehicle is insured while in transit. When shipping a car, the ride could be bumpy, making it critical that any items placed in the vehicle that are fragile are placed properly and secured in order to avoid any unwanted damages of your personal items.

Big semi-trucks

Most of the car shipping fleets are operating big semi-trucks that reach up to 85 feet in length.While TCI Logistics offers door to door auto transport It is crucial to keep in mind if the semi-truck is not able to park all the way in front of your door, the driver will kindly ask you to meet him down the street or outside of your neighborhood. A few factors that will prevent the driver frompicking up or delivering your vehicle from or to your door are:

  • Dead-end streets
  • Narrow streets
  • Low hanging trees (could cause damage to cars that are already loaded)
  • Local laws preventing trucks from entering the neighborhoods

If any of the items above apply to your residential neighborhood, it is suggested that you are prepared to meet the car shipping driver.


Documentation of the vehicle needs to be addressed as well depending on the car shipping reason.


If the reason for the car shipping is because of an online sale, it is important to discuss with the shipping agent and both the shipper and receiver if any documents are to be transported with the driver, such as: Titles, bill of sales or any other documents. As always, it’s best for specific details like that to be discussed prior the driver showing up to pick up the vehicle.


Once the above mentioned tasks are completed, the customer will be ready to ship the vehicle. The only thing that is left is for the driver to contact the customer in order to schedule the exact pick up/delivery timing.

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