We live in a new era, where cars are no longer necessarily purchased from the nearby local dealerships. People around the country have the ability to browse for cars nationwide, with a click of a button the customer is now able to compare the price and condition of different vehicles without worrying where the vehicle is located. Once the car is purchased, the customer will also find online, a reputable car shipping company to auto transport the newly purchased vehicle.


Before the process starts, we at TCI Logistics, would like to share a few insights on what to do when looking to purchase a vehicle online.

  • Get familiar with the car that you are interested in, visit a local dealership to test drive the car and get informed with all of the details and extras that the car has to offer. By learning the ins and outs of the vehicle, you will know the right questions to ask the sales person you are speaking to hundreds of miles away.
  • Go online and start browsing for vehicles that fall into the criteria, start picking aside the vehicles that are potential buys.
  • Research the dealerships. The customer should never believe a business just on their words, make sure to go online and look for reviews and experiences of previous buyers out of state that had purchased a vehicle from the given dealership.
  • Once you start speaking with a salesman, it is in the customer’s best interest to ask as many questions as possible in regards of the vehicle in mind, the customer needs to be as thorough as possible in order not to miss an important factor that might be regretted later.

Things that are a MUST:

  • Get the Carfax
  • Maintenance Report
  • Many, many pictures of the current condition of the vehicle
  • Minimum 30-point inspection


Some states do not have a sales tax, however, depending on the customer’s residing state, taxes might be paid when registering the vehicle.


Once the vehicles is purchased, you will need to have it transported. Often, dealerships tag on transportation and handling fees that amount to thousands of dollars. As a smart buyer, a customer should never go with the dealership car shipping method, is it generally another profit added the car sale.

Start browsing online for auto transport companies that could accommodate your transport in a safe and prompt manner. Just like the dealerships need to be verified, make sure to do a thorough research on the car shipping companies.

Things to look for in a car transport company

  • Online Reviews/ Reputable Company
  • Quick pick up and delivery timings
  • Transport is insured and bonded
  • Fair Pricing
  • Customer service needs to be responsive at all times

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