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Our auto transport agents and coordinators understand the importance to having your inventory managed and transported within different stores at given timeframes. Our firm guarantees you hassle free, and easy auto transport for your rental service at competitive pricing.

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Are you making additions to your inventory and looking for reliable auto transport services?

TCI Logistics will arrange the car transport

for you from pick up to delivery with no work expected from the client. Once the order is placed, TCI Logistics verifies the condition and availability of the vehicle at the auction or business location that the car was purchased from. Drivers are then dispatched to pick up the vehicle. Upon pick up, through inspections are done by the driver in order to record the exact condition of the vehicle at the time of the pick-up. Transit time depends on the transportation distance, however, it is always fast and safe on any given route. When working with TCI Logistics, we assure you that the logistics side of your business will be second to none.


If you are in the Limo business, we have the solution for you. Often large vehicles could drive up the cost of transport and cause delays. At TCI Logistics, the best car transport company, we have a very well developed and sophisticated network of carriers which ensures the safe transport of your large vehicles, timely pick up and affordable rates.

We offer multiple payment plans making it easy to work with TCI Logistics. Depending on what the scenario is, we can process credit card payments, ACH Payments, NET Pay, and company check at delivery.

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Discounts with TCI Logistics



We have great discounts year round when shipping multiple vehicles at once. Shipping more than 2 cars at once could drop your cost by 15-20%, when shipping more than 5 cars, the cost could go down by 21%-40%, when shipping on regular bases, saving the extra money could go somewhere else in order to grow your business.


TCI Logistics is the nation’s finest auto transport company. Dealerships and Rental Car providers trust us on daily basis and we have the track record to back it up. Thousands of cars transported with hundreds of positives reviews and many more to come. We are a phone call away, to answer any questions you might have about your business’ logistics.

TCI Logistics
Auto transport solution for rental car services


Vehicle Safety Assurance: When your business is surrounded by the idea of providing good cars to your clients, it is very important for the cars to stay in the same condition while shipping your vehicle(s). The claim rates are slim to none when choosing TCI Logistics Inc, however, sometimes there are things that are out of the driver’s control. When accidents do occur and if you vehicle is damaged, it is always inconvenient, but TCI Logistics will always be there to make it right for you and your business. We process claims immediately and in most cases, cars are fixed in less than a week. The claim processing department at our office is making sure that if there are any issues, they get settled immediately. Please contact our auto transport agents with any questions or concerns about our terms and conditions.

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