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Selling a vehicle online may seem like an easy thing however there are many factors that go into successfully selling a vehicle online. Most online vehicle sales today happen with the help of the internet through car selling websites or marketplace platforms such as Facebook and Offreup. The selling of a car online has gotten easier and more popular over the recent years.

While it seems like a straightforward process, there are certain details and factors everyone should consider when selling a car online.

It is important to know that price is really the number one and biggest factor when it comes to online auto selling. Secondly, it is important to understand that you need to make an attractive listing with as many pictures as possible to properly and fully depict your vehicle’s condition to whoever is looking at it online as to prevent any unwanted confusion. Third, once someone is interested in your vehicle, it is recommended that you meet at a public location to increase safety for your online car sale transaction. Finally, if the person that came to look at your vehicle likes it and wants to proceed with the sale; it is time to finalize the deal. We will go into these separately now and in more detail so you can further understand.



Realistic price to sell car

The first thing to know and remember when selling your car online is that the price is really the biggest factor when it comes to buying/selling a car online. In order to have a realistic price, you can research the market by going on a website for selling cars. Searching for the same year, make and model vehicle as yours and comparing years, miles and options will give you a pretty accurate price that you can list your car. Many people wonder “will my car sell?”  It will for sure if you price it accurately in your market and advertise it correctly. You can also get an idea of the pricing by going into a dealer who buys cars and asking them to appraise your car. Keep in mind that the price they will tell you is typically a couple of thousand dollars lower than the actual price as they try to make money by reselling cars. You can also request an instant cash offer on a car online and see what it comes out to. Once you get an idea of the price that is correct for your vehicle, you are ready for the next step.


List a Car:

The next step to selling your car quickly is to make an attractive listing on an online platform for auto selling.You should put yourself in the person trying to buy your car’s perspective in order to see what they see. Include as many details as possible about your vehicle and the vehicle’s history when writing the description on your used car listing. Taking at least 10-15 photos is a must if you want to attract a big audience. Think as if you are looking to buy a vehicle. Also remember that you are selling your used car meaning it will not be perfect. Do not make it seem like your vehicle is in pristine condition unless it truly is, which is rare unless you haven’t been driving much. The last thing you want is someone to show up and expect a perfect vehicle when it’s not. It has also become more and more popular to make a video showcasing your car’s interior and exterior and posting that along with your photos. If you want to sell your car quick, make a rich and detailed listing to promote a big audience.


Safe Transaction

Once you have determined the fair price for your vehicle and have created your online listing, you will eventually find the right candidate to buy your car. Although most people sell their cars right at their house or workplace, we recommend thinking of a safe meet up location such as the city hall, police department or an open/large parking lot with other people around. This will ensure a safe and pleasant transaction for both parties involved. If you encounter someone who does not want to do the transaction at a meet up location, then this is a red flag and you should not proceed with the sale. Remember that nothing is more important than safety! 


Finalizing the Deal:

How you will get paid and the deal finalized are also questions we should discuss. Most used car sales are cash deals. In this case, the person buying your vehicle will hand you cash or a cashier's check on the agreed upon amount for your vehicle. Do not accept personal checks or uncertified funds for payment as you have no guarantee that the funds will not be stopped after. Once you have received funds, you will need to hand over the title to the new owner of the vehicle. You need to fill out the appropriate sections on the title and complete a bill of sale for the transaction. Once all is done, sign your title over to the new owner and sign the bill of sale. Do not forget to take your plates and belongings from the vehicle. The transaction is finalized at this point and you have successfully sold your vehicle!


If you follow all of these steps correctly, you will sell a car online in no time. Keep in mind that you are not selling a perfect vehicle and that people understand this. Stick to the basics and most importantly stay safe when selling your car online. Remember that vehicle selling is very popular nowadays and you have a huge market so do not rush!  Nex time you think “I want to sell my car,” don’t hesitate to list it online and get it sold!


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