Shipping Cars to and from California


California is the state with the biggest population in the U.S. Therefore, shipping cars to and from California is a process one must be familiar with. The amount of people that ships to and from California is bigger than any other state. Shipping a car to and from California is essentially the same process, however, due to the amounts of vehicles shipping to and from California, the process is a little more complex and requires different attention depending on your reason to ship.

Shipping Cars to California

Because of the amount of cars shipping to and from California, price fluctuates quite often, and you must understand the process in order to make it work to your advantage.

To understand the pricing system in California, you have to understand the reasons behind so much movement: the population. California has the largest population than any other state in the U.S. As a result, people are constantly moving to and from California. Some move because of their jobs, others want a warmer state, others for family, etc. It doesn’t matter the reasoning, the idea is that people are constantly moving to California, from California, and within California, so shipping a car in, to, or from California is easier than most states. With a higher population, California also has more businesses that require shipping cars from and to California. Pricing is a simple supply and demand question, when it comes to moving a vehicle to California or moving a vehicle from California. For example, most vehicles are shipped from or to the Los Angeles area. When there are more vehicles shipping from California to other states, the demand for drivers is higher, the result is higher prices. If a driver has options to choose from, they will always choose the higher paying car. Prices go down when the demand is low. If there are not many options to choose from, drivers will choose what is available.

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Since California is such a big state, drivers will choose what is better and easiest for them. As anyone would in any business, drivers are trying to find what is in their interest. If there are a lot of cars shipping from California, states surrounding California will also increase in price. If a driver can go to Los Angeles and pick a full load, or find all their autos near their same spot, car transport from Oregon, Washington, Arizona and Nevada are usually also higher, because drivers have so much to choose from in California. On the other hand, when there are not many cars shipping from California, the states around it are usually cheaper as well. Keep in mind, there are exceptions. Since California is so large, drivers will usually try to get to the Los Angeles area, even if shipping cars to California are lower in price. The reason is California has many options to choose from even when the demand is lower. Finding a driver in the Los Angeles area is a lot easier even when things are slower in the winter. However, since drivers will have options, even in the winter, cars shipping from or to central California are usually higher in price. Auto transport from Northern California are usually also higher than Southern California in price because there are always less options than Southern California. An experienced auto transport company will assist you with the best timing to ship a car to or from California. Since the state has a big population, prices fluctuate a lot so make sure you get enough information before trying to ship a car to California or from California.

Many customers ship cars to Hawaii or from Hawaii. Ports are all over the west coast, but the busiest ports are usually in California - Long Beach to be more specific. The cost to ship a car from Hawaii and the cost to ship a car to Hawaii will depend on demand, just like shipping a car to or from California. The “hot season” and “cold season” to ship a car to and from Hawaii are usually the same as shipping to California. In the summer for example, demand is usually high so the cost goes up. The same goes for shipping a car to Hawaii. In the summer, shipping a car to Hawaii from the mainland is higher since the demand is high, but in the winter, when the demand is lower, prices are lower too. When one side is high, then the other way is cheaper. If it is higher to ship a car to Hawaii, then shipping a car from Hawaii is cheaper in price and vice versa. Getting the car to the port, is your car shipping company duty. Since there are many ports to choose from, your car shipping company will choose the cheapest option to transport the car to or from the port. For example, sometimes shipping a car to the southern California ports is cheaper than the northern ports. Other times shipping a car from Hawaii to a northern California port or a Seattle port is better because the price to ship a car from those ports to its final destination is cheaper than southern California ports. Be aware who you choose to help you ship a car to Hawaii or ship a car from Hawaii. That shipping company can save you money and choose a good car shipping company to or from Hawaii. There are strict rules you must follow to ship a car from or to Hawaii, so make sure to find a professional car shipping company to assist you with all the rules and regulations.

One more reason customers ship vehicles to California is the car shows in California.

Cars Shows in California

Since California is a big state, the amount of auto events throughout the state is bigger than most other states. People will set up meets to show off their vehicles in those events in California. It is a big opportunity to show off a brand or a new car. When shipping your unique vehicle to California, you must select the right transport agent. You want to protect your car, but also make sure everything goes smoothly. If you choose the wrong shipping agent, you might have the wrong driver who might cause damages, might delay your trip, or ruin the show overall. Shipping vehicles to auto events in California require closer attention than any regular auto transport. You will have specific dates to follow (it is a good idea to have a day or two extra on both ends just to make sure). Of course your vehicle will need to arrive in prestige conditions. That means choose the right transport company, and not the cheapest. You will need to explain all the details to your shipping company, and they should be ready to take notes, give advice and make sure everything goes according to plan. Of course some things are hard to predict and sometimes hiccups happen, but if you choose the right company, your vehicle will arrive on time and in perfect condition.

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