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TCI Logistics specializes in many different vehicle transportation types and gladly services thousands of Snowbird shippers yearly. The term snowbird refers to people who move away from the winter weather in order to live in a warmer climate. Snowbirds often choose states such as Florida as a getaway state to escape the harsh winter conditions.

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Snowbirds are usually retirees who have homes in multiple states.

There is nothing better than being able to go to the beach in November. TCI offers affordable snowbird auto transport to thousands of people seeking professional car shipping. It is important to understand that the surplus of snowbirds moving at the same time before winter begins makes costs increase.

TCI offers exceptional car shipping cost market analysis which in turn guarantees snowbirds a fair price which doesn’t sacrifice professional service.

TCI Logistics understands the frustration that winter brings for many snowbirds. When you select TCI as your snowbird auto transport company, you are placing yourself and your vehicle in safe hands. Snowbird shippers choose TCI Logistics as their top snowbird shipping provider not only because of stellar prices but because of the personalized approach which you will receive. Through many years of car shipping experience, TCI Logistics has acquired the knowledge to effortlessly ship Snowbird vehicles. With our extensive nationwide carrier network, you are given a plethora of options as to timing and availability. The snowbird car shipping process does not differentiate greatly from any other category of vehicle transportation. Once you have received your snowbird auto transport quote, one of our wonderful agents will assist you throughout the entire process from pick up to delivery. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions which you may have about your snowbird auto transportation move. Almost all of the snowbird shippers which we service end up coming back to us year after year for their car transport needs. There is nothing that speaks better about a car transport company’s service than their return customer base.

Snowbirds Car Shipping Discounts

TCI Logistics offers snowbird shippers a multiple car transport discount if you are able to gather at least 2 vehicles to ship from the same pick up location to the same delivery location.

In many cases, snowbird shippers gather 6-7-8 or even 9 vehicles to transport and in turn receive a major discount. Multi car shipments require a meet up location such as an empty lot or vacant plaza so that all snowbirds involved are at the same location making it easy for the professional trucker to load the cars being shipped. Snowbirds usually stay nearly half a year at their desired warm state until most of the winter months have passed and begin heading back. t this point, our professional auto transport agents assist snowbirds to navigate their vehicles back to their home states. For more information contact a TCI agent today (312) 224-8620 or get a quote for snowbird car shipping by using our free calculator.

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