Top 10 Benefits of Car Transportation Services


Have you ever wondered if someone can drive your car to your desired destination while you just get on the plane and fly there in a couple of hours? Well, it is possible with vehicle transportation services! The number of benefits are countless when using these types of services, but today we will examine the Top 10 Benefits of Car Shipping Services. Here are the benefits which top the list:


  • More time to focus on things that matter instead of having to worry about driving across the country.
  • Save your car the miles, wear, tear, and countless other things that happen to your vehicle when driving an extended amount of miles down the road.
  • Vehicle transportation services from state to state are fully licensed, insured and bonded meaning you are in safe hands with nothing to worry about.
  • Cheap shipping services are available if you have a flexible time frame for pick up and delivery.
  • Enclosed car transportation services are available for those looking to transport high end vehicles or priceless antiques with higher insurance coverage.
  • Timely pick up and delivery timeframes due to increasing number of transporters and transport companies overall.
  • Save a considerable amount of money from fuel as you don’t have to drive your car cross country.
  • Eliminate the risk of getting in an accident out there while driving by having a professional truck driver maneuver the interstates for you.
  • Car transport allows you to move multiple vehicles at the same time which is otherwise not possible.
  • Door to door transport services provide ultimate convenience bringing your vehicle(s) right to your doorstep.


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One must remember that the cheapest car transportation services will most likely not provide the best service. Just like anything else, you get what you pay for. Now that doesn’t mean you have to overpay, but just keep that in mind as it could save you from having a horrible experience. The best vehicle transportation services are provided by reputable companies such as TCI Logistics because we value our reputation. Whether you are looking for luxury or classic car transportation services or vehicle shipping services in Florida and California we have you covered! With a decade of experience, we are able to provide second to none services backed by countless hours of dedication to perfection. For car shipping quotes, you can reach out to us by phone at (312) 224-8620, using our free calculator or visit us online at  


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