What is Covered Car Transport?


What is Covered Car Transport?

Covered car shipping is the service of transportation of automobiles in a trailer which is covered either by a soft fabric type material known as a soft side enclosed trailer or a hard composite material known as hardside enclosed trailer. Both kinds of trailers are fully enclosed and are not exposed to any elements such as rocks, dust and water. This means that your vehicle is picked up and delivered in the exact same condition without even a speck of dust.

What is Covered Car Transport?

How much does it cost?

Covered car transport cost is determined by the same factors as open car transport however it usually runs more expensive. It is considered a premium service so it is charged as such. Covered car transport companies invest a lot of money into equipment so they charge a premium cost as a result. This type of transport is usually for higher end vehicles such as sports cars or classic vehicles. Covered classic car transport is a must for anyone who cherishes their beloved classic automobiles. Imagine a fully restored 1970 Dodge Challenger going cross country on an open trailer. Costs for enclosed transport service start from $.80/mile and can go up depending on the vehicle and destination.


How long does it take?

Acquiring a covered car shipping service on average takes a bit longer than open shipping. This is largely due to the fact that there just aren’t as many available trailers. This also stems from the fact that becoming an enclosed trailer operator is more difficult than open transport. This results in fewer available options to choose from making the overall timeline longer. On average, finding a covered car shipping takes several days and can take up to 7-10 days for delivery on longer routes such as coast to coast moves. 


What kind of insurance comes with it?

When you are browsing for a covered car transport quote, make sure to ask what type of insurance is included. Enclosed haulers typically carry expensive cars so the overall cargo insurance limit is pretty high and can be as high as $5 million for the whole load. Although it is the safest transportation for vehicles, damages do occur sometimes but not often. Covered car shipping trailers are very limited to space so that is where damage can potentially happen. Because of this, make sure you are fully aware of the insurance being provided to you with your enclosed car transport service. 

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