What to Expect From Car Pick Up and Delivery Services?



Vehicle pick up and delivery services help those who need to move vehicles to a new destination in the United States or abroad. These services offer safe and reliable transportation for motorcycles, cars, boats and many more different types of vehicles. These services are no different than other services that people use. Popularity amongst people has grown tremendously for car pick up and drop off service. This means that people can spend more time doing what they like instead of driving their vehicle personally to its new destination. As people get busier and busier, this type of service will gain even more popularity. Here are some things you can expect from these types of services:


What Is The Cost For This Type of Service?

As popularity grows, so does the price of a given service. Although vehicle transport services are expensive, there are seasonal demand price changes which you should look out for. As with airline services, try to use car pick up and delivery services when others aren’t. For example, try to ship your vehicle in the middle of winter or middle of summer and not the beginning of each season. The cost also depends on what it is that you are shipping and the amount of distance it has to travel. Open transportation costs less than enclosed trailer transportation as enclosed transport is considered a higher end shipping option.


Where Can I Find This Type of Service?

One can find this service online by researching popular companies such as TCI Logistics for their car transportation services. Going on the web and searching for things like “car pick up services near me” or “car pickup near me” will give you instant access to many reliable companies. If you are in big/busy cities such as Los Angeles or Las Vegas, try searches like “car pick up service LAX” and “car pick up service Las Vegas” to gain access to local companies who provide this service. Car rental pick up service is also available if you need a rental car transported.   

 Car Pick Up and Delivery Service


Is This Service Convenient?

People are getting busier and busier according to research statistics. This means that for a service to be widely used, it must be convenient. Vehicle transport services are very convenient. In most cases, the service is performed at your doorstep if possible or at the nearest possible location. This depends on the geographical terrain of the pickup and delivery locations. Some companies will go as far as getting a local truck to come out to your driveway in order to avoid hassle with getting the big truck in and out of a tight neighborhood.


Is It Car Pick Up and Delivery Service Safe?

Car pick up and delivery services are safe and are performed by professional drivers and transporters. Every company providing transport services is required to have insurance for both public liability and cargo meaning there is nothing to worry about. The usage of technology has made the process ever more transparent leading to a better overall experience. Ask your company if they have a car pick up service app as many do nowadays. Luxury car pick up service transports luxurious vehicles most often via enclosed auto transport to provide an even safer experience. Enclosed car trailer pick up service offers 100% protection against things such as road debris or water. It is often regarded as the SAFEST transport method.


How Long Does it Take?

Timelines for vehicle pick up and delivery range from same day delivery to up to a week. This is determined by the length of the route, the amount of cars being loaded on the trailer, traffic, weather, unexpected delays, and many other factors. Once you are booking your service, the performing company will give you expected dates for pick up and delivery so that you can plan. It is important to remain patient and allow the professionals to perform their job without being rushed just as you would with any other type of service. Car pick up and delivery jobs are hard and require utmost diligence.


If you are looking for safe and reliable pick up and delivery services at affordable prices, don’t hesitate to call one of our car shipping agents for more information at (312) 224-8620 or visit our website at www.TCIships.com. There you will find the latest pricing and availability information along with answers to frequently asked questions.

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