Who uses TCI Logistics' Auto Transport Services?

Transport your online purchased vehicle

Car Shipping Services for Online Car Buyers

With the new generation of internet, people don’t just buy new vehicles from the local dealership anymore. In today’s world, people have the option to compare prices and different models anywhere in the U.S.. More and more people buy new vehicles using online services like Ebay and Cars.com.

You are no longer limited to your local dealerships only.

You can pick the perfect car for you at the best price.

TCI Logistics ships hundreds of vehicles that are newly bought from dealerships out of state. Call us today or get an instant free auto transport quote online to get the best car shipping service for your new purchase.

Auto Transport Services for Enthusiasts and Collectors

We understand and share the passion for retro and classic vehicles. We understand that finding one could be difficult and often it would be found in a different state. TCI Logistics is here to help you transport your new piece of history. Whether it would in an open or enclosed auto transport, we know how to take care of your vehicle.

Classic and retro vehicle transport
 Seasonal vehicle transport

Auto Transport Services for Seasonal Moves

TCI Logistics has thousands of returning customers every fall and spring. We understand the need to get away from the cold weather in the winter, and move south where the weather is warm. We also understand the importance of having your vehicles picked up on the exact dates, transported in a safe and timely manner so that you would have your vehicle ready for the nice weather. Schedule your auto transport with TCI Logistics today to have your vehicle there when you need it.


Get your free car shipping quote now by using our online calculator.

Car Shipping Services for College Students

It is hard enough separating in different states when the College student moves out of state, don’t let the car shipping add on top of it. TCI Logistics is here to transport the college student’s auto in a safe and timely manner. Avoid the long drives, and make sure that your vehicle is safe and sound when moving between states.

Vehicle transport for college students


We understand how much you do for us and on behalf of TCI Logistics team, WE THANK YOU. Let us help you shipping your car in return, we offer multiple active duty, retiree s, and veterans’ discounts. We understand the amount of pressure you go through in order to keep the America’s citizens safe, let us shipping your car according to your schedule in a safe and timely manner.

Call 312-224-8620 now and get your free car shipping quote!

Relocating and Moving

If you are moving or relocating for any reason, TCI Logistics is here to help you avoid additional stress, and long driving. We work with multiple relocation companies, and we understand how important for you it is to have your vehicle in your new state so that you can start adapting. Schedule your auto transport with TCI Logistics, so that you can focus on more important things in your dynamic life.

Moving and relocating - vehicle transport



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