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TCI Logistics can also assist you with your boat, yacht or large vessel transport.

Our large network of selected carriers gives us the ability to have your vessel transported via over the road transport.
We understand how frustrating having to move your vessel might be, here at TCI Logistics we care about your shipment as if it’s our own, making sure that your boat transport goes as smooth as possible. Your shipment is fully insured from pick up to delivery, keeping yourself a piece of mind.
Do you have your boat or Jet ski(s) on a trailer already? Call us today to discuss your move and we will send out our driver to do the haul for you based on your schedule and time-frame. It is important for the trailer to have a current registration and it is road legal.
If your boat/vessel/jet ski is on the ground, we can assist as well. Our network of drivers and trucks consists of modern and sophisticated trailers ensuring that the job is done properly and that there is nothing too big or complicated to be transported.

Top Reasons why people transport their boats:

  • Relocating to a new location, having to worry about moving is stressful enough already, let us help you transport your boat/vessel and have some pressure taken off of you.
  • Going to a vacation and you need your boat there? We will make sure that it is delivered on time and it’s ready to be a part of countless good memories.
  • Seasonal boat transportation is very popular, TCI Logistics will make sure that your boat is where you reside for the season.
  • Purchasing your boat out of state?  We will work with you to get your boat picked and transported as you are arranging your documents with the selling party.

TCI Logistics provides professional, quick and easy boat transport at affordable rates, call us today to discuss your move with our top-line dispatch coordinators.
Our firm has transported more than 200 boats in the year of 2017, our expertise, affordable rates and kind customer service is what sets us apart in the boat transporting industry.
Call today or e-mail us to get a quick and easy quote or to discuss your boat transport.

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