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Why Should You Choose TCI Logistics?

Cost-effective Solutions

Shipping a car with TCI Logistics is a pleasant experience. Save the hassle and save money! After so many years of continuous innovation, we have managed to streamline our transport services, utilize a personalized approach and increase the safety bar during the whole shipping process.

Personalized Approach

Choose from a great variety of transport methods. Whether you prefer an open or enclosed trailer to ship your car, and you opt for the convenience of the door-to-door shipping service, we have you covered. Name your vehicle, origin and destination, and enjoy the rest of your moving experience.

DOT-licensed and Insured

We are a fully insured and bonded auto transporter, and so we are committed to the highest safety standards. Furthermore, always choose a shipping provider that is authorized by the Department of Transportation. Choose TCI Logistics – we are registered with the DOT and we abide with the Department’s strict regulations.

Nationwide Network of Auto Carriers

A state-of-the-art service supported by a nationwide network of more than 6,000 fully insured and bonded carriers. Our agents are trained to recognize possible issues and eliminate those in advance. They will advise you on what would be the best course of action based on your personal needs and requirements, every step of the way.

Few easy steps

Ship a vehicle using a cutting-edge technology.

Completely insured

Use a DOT-approved and insured auto carrier.

Best prices for motorcycle and car transport services

We offer the best prices based on your needs.

Money-back guarantee
Money-back guarantee

We make refunds easy.

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The Best Auto Transport Prices

How much does shipping a car cost?

Surely, when you want to have your car delivered across country, you want to know what would the estimated price be. When we prepare your car shipping quote, we take in consideration:


Shipping your vehicle locally or across the country may come at a lower cost when it involves big metro areas such as New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago and Houston. Those are popular routes for auto transport companies and so, due to the greater competition, car shipping rates are lower than the price for shipping a car in rural areas. Deviation from common routes requires more time and resource, and TCI logistics will optimize the cost to ensure the best auto transport price.


Distance is a main factor when it comes to calculating your quote for shipping a car. Generally, the longer the route is, the higher the car hauling rates are. Shipping price is calculated based on the mileage traveled. Auto transport companies need to cover additional fuel charges, toll fees and labor.

Vehicle condition, make and model

Other factors that affect your car shipping cost concern the vehicle itself. There are vehicles of all sizes and weights. In order to receive an accurate car shipping quote, you need to be precise with the make and the model of your car. Also, specify if there are any modifications to the vehicle or furthermore, it is important to note if the vehicle is non-operable. Auto transport costs will increase based on the weight of your vehicle or if additional attention is needed.


When you shop for the best auto transport price, keep in mind that rates and estimates are higher in winter. Severe weather conditions in some regions make auto hauling more expensive in winter. Plus, many retirees move to the Southern states such as Florida, Texas, Phoenix and Arizona due to the warmer climate and the lower living costs. The increased traffic also leads to higher vehicle transportation costs.

Transport method

When you are comparing car shipping quotes in order to choose the best price, consider the type of trailer that would be used to transport your automobile. Usually, most carriers offer both open and enclosed delivery option. Open trailer delivery is less expensive and most clients opt for this option, as it is more affordable. Choosing the enclosed trailer transport comes at a higher price, as your precious vehicle will be fully protected from environment conditions.

Additional Services

Generally, if you require an expedite car shipping service, then you will have to pay more money. Express auto shipping is more expensive, just as any other expedited shipping service will be. Urgent pick-ups and deliveries require more extra resource, which will ultimately increase the cost. Likewise, if you require additional insurance coverage, that will be added to your final bill.

Shipping Services

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