Military Car Shipping: How Does it Work?


TCI Logistics services many different areas of the auto transport industry and proudly offers a military car shipping program. We thank each and every military member for their service! Because we respect the people who protect our peace and liberty so much, we feel an obligation to provide the very best service at an unbeatable cost.

Military Car Shipping

TCI services military vehicle transportation within the United States and also provides military car shipping overseas. We offer military car shipping to different military stations across the world. Popular destinations include Fort Hood, Fort Knox, Fort Benning, Fort Carson and many more. When selecting a military car shipping company, it is important to read a company’s military car shipping reviews in order to determine whether to select that specific company. We understand that being in the military is not quite the everyday job, so agents at TCI go above and beyond to provide affordable, timely and convenient service. Military vehicle shipping is needed when a military member needs to be relocated for military or personal reasons. The auto shipping service does not differ much from other car shipping moves just because it is military. When vehicles get picked up from military locations such as naval or air force bases, the military car shipping customer is asked to meet outside the gates of the base/station as most bases don’t allow foreign trucks to enter. Usually this does not mean inconvenience for our beloved military customers. Typical meet up locations include shopping plazas or open lots near the desired pick up location. When selecting a military vehicle shipping company, it is important to read the reviews. ;Some companies don’t offer military auto transport discounts, and other companies don’t deal with military shipping customers in general.

For this reason, TCI is your one stop solution for military car shipping in the US and abroad.


Here are some things to consider when selecting a vehicle shipping company:


  • Cost of Transport
  • Discounted Military Car Shipping Options
  • Knowledge and Experience in Military Car Shipping
  • Military Car Shipping Program Options
  • Availability and coverage in your desired area
  • Company Reviews
  • Insurance Coverage


TCI Logistics offers quick and free military car shipping quotes. To obtain one please call (312) 224-8620 or visit

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