Pros and Cons for Auto Transport Carriers


The car shipping industry is not possible without car transport carriers. TCI Logistics has an extensive network of reliable car shipping carriers who we employ on a daily basis nationwide for vehicle transport moves. It is of top priority to our staff agents to select the best rated vehicle shipping carriers. We do that by extensive research and investigation on a carrier's history and records on file with the FMCSA and the national CentralDispatch database. This is one of the main reasons why our customers receive top notch service. Car shipping carriers have their pros and cons but that is why we are here to make everything as smooth as possible!

Here is

A List of Pros and Cons for Auto Transport Carriers

so that one can gain a better understanding of the industry standards:

Auto Transport Carriers


  • Highly qualified drivers who have experience transporting vehicles and/or motorcycles
  • Cost Effective equipment usually consisting of truck pulling a multi-vehicle trailer
  • Fully Insured and Bonded and registered with the FMCSA
  • Timely pickups and deliveries
  • Reliable auto transport carriers
  • Heavily invested in the industry
  • Backed by professional dispatchers

Highly Qualified Drivers


  • Prone to mechanical truck failures
  • Susceptible to traffic/weather delays
  • Large truck/trailer making it difficult for maneuvering
  • Often ask customer to meet at an open lot
  • Have stops along the way making deliveries take longer sometimes


To conclude, the car shipping industry would not be possible without the amazing service provided by independent vehicle transport carriers. We enable people all over the country to get the best carrier car shipping while ensuring reliability and affordability. TCI Logistics guarantees that the best rated auto transport carriers are hired for each single move that we endeavour on. Car transport carriers come from every corner of the world, there are Florida auto carriers and there are even Canadian car transport carriers. Through the many years of experience, TCI has the best list of auto carriers to choose from for our customers. It is also important to understand that TCI Logistics selects only top car shipping carriers who we have vetted over the years. With extended track records and up to date information, TCI ensures a smooth experience every time!

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