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Are you trying to decide whether to ship your car overseas via RoRo or container? In this article, we will examine the differences between the two options so that you can get a better idea of what works best for you. 


roro vs container


When transporting a vehicle overseas, there are 3 ways you can go about it. These three ways are container via ship, RoRo via ship and air freight transport.


Of the three options, most people will choose either RoRo or container. This is because shipping via air cargo is very expensive thus making it the least popular option. We will   compare only RoRo and container shipping as that’s what most people will use.


To get a good idea of which option works better for you, it is important to understand the main differences between RoRo and container transport services. When you know the   key differences, then you can choose the best options for you.


It is also important to note that you must consider sailing schedules, destination requirements, security, and time frames. This can help you decide even better what works best for your situation. 


Let’s examine container shipping:


When you choose to ship your vehicle via this option, you are choosing the safest option as far as security goes. In order to get the process going, you need to deliver the vehicle which you are trying to ship to your designated warehouse. You can do that by hiring a domestic shipping company to deliver the car to the warehouse or you can deliver it yourself if you are close enough to the designated facility. This will help you save money furthermore.


Once you’ve successfully delivered the vehicle due for shipping, the warehouse/shipping agency will then place your vehicle into a shipping container. You can choose between having your vehicle alone in a 20ft container or it can be placed in a larger container (40ft standard or high cube) where it will be consolidated with other shipments going to the same destination.  


By sharing a container with someone else, you will save money as the cost of ocean freight, customs clearance and port charges will be split amongst multiple customers. This also means that the container needs to be full and only then it can depart. That will result in a longer delivery period generally speaking. If you are looking for a quicker delivery, it’s recommended that you use the smaller container to expedite the process. By using the quicker delivery method, you will have to pay a premium of course just as with any other service. 


Roll On Roll Off (RoRo) Shipping:


When utilizing a RoRo shipping service, there are two options for the delivery. You can deliver the car yourself to the shipping facility as with the container option, or you can hire a transport company to deliver the vehicle to the facility where it will be loaded onto the vessel. 


It’s important to note that by using the RoRo option, you will not receive an inspection of the vehicle’s condition as the port authorities will not issue one. This is because they are responsible only for loading and securing the vehicle on the ship. This means that the vehicle will only be insured for total loss as there is no way to determine if the vehicle had any previous damage prior to departure. 


During the time which your vehicle will stay at the shipping terminal, it will be stationed in an open lot. The terminal will then load the vehicle into the ship by driving it on hence the term Roll On. The vehicles are placed into the hull of the ship. Think of it as a giant parking lot such as a mall parking lot just on a cargo ship. Once the car or motorcycle reaches its destination, it will be rolled off of the ship in the same manner that it was loaded. At this point, you will have to pick it back up from the terminal. 


When you consider everything, it is definitely recommended that you go with container shipping in order to minimize wait time, increase security and have peace of mind. 


In the event that you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for additional information. While we don’t specialize in these types of shipments, we have a great deal of experience with vehicle transportation to the numerous locations and terminals that are shipping vehicles overseas.

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