What Are Car Auctions?


Have you ever wondered what happens to the vehicles that don’t find a home or vehicles that get slightly damaged but enough to be considered a total loss? Well a place called an auto auction is where these vehicles go temporarily until they are auctioned out and purchased by other dealerships. Auto auctions are essentially auto marketplaces where dealerships can buy or sell vehicles of all kinds. There are used car auctions throughout the country placed strategically. Many of these auctions have become partially or fully online car auctions. This allows parties to bid on and purchase vehicles directly from their computer instead of having to physically travel to the auction sites as was the case prior to the internet. There are different types of auctions that sell different types of vehicles.

Car Auction

Different types of car auctions:


  • Manheim/Adesa Auto Auctions: These auctions are the source of most of the used vehicles that you see being sold at your local dealerships. They sell primarily quality used vehicles that have clean titles of ownership.
  • Copart/IAA: These salvage car auctions sell primarily damaged vehicles with salvage titles however they do have clean title vehicles as well which are in most cases run and drive vehicles.
  • Classic Car Auctions: These auctions sell classic automobiles in very good condition if not perfect that are typically on the pricey side.
  • Government/Police Car Auctions: These auctions have vehicles that have been impounded or repossessed by the government or Police.
  • Public Car Auctions:  These auctions are open to the general public and require no specific license to purchase from. This means that usually the deals are not the best as nearly everyone has access to them.

Different auto auctions are designed for people with different needs. There are people who buy cars from auctions to resell them, export them or simply drive them. You can find a local auto auction by searching the internet for “car auctions near me public” or “public car auctions near me” if you want to find an auction which is open to the public. You can also search for “car auctions near me” to get all of the vehicle auctions around you. There are many auto auctions online. You can research and compare on line car auctions so that you can see what works best for you. There are even Japanese Car Auctions where you can access top level Japanese cars. Japan car auctions specialize in Japanese vehicles where you can find truly remarkable vehicles such as Toyota Supras and Nissan Skylines. Most dealerships purchase used vehicles from Manheim or Adesa. These are the biggest auctions in the world and have dominated the market. Classic auto auctions sell primarily classic vehicles such as muscle cars or vintage roadsters. These auctions are usually attended in person live. Classic car auctions in Las Vegas have tremendous attendance from people all over the world. 

Classic Car Auction

One such auction is the Mecum auto auction. Government auto auctions sell government property such as cars that have been stolen or repossessed. Auctions close to the border such as San Diego auto auctions sell many vehicles which get sent over the border for reselling.

Car auctions are venues of vehicle trading where you can purchase any type of vehicle from salvage all the way to classic restored automobiles. Think of car auctions as the trading spot for dealerships and people. Now remember, when you buy an auction vehicle, call none other than TCI for your transport needs. You can call us at (312) 224-8620 or get a quote online at www.TCIships.com 

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