Your Guide to Shipping A Luxury Car


When you are looking for a company to ship your luxury car, you have to make sure that you book the best professional to haul your vehicle. Driving your supercar across the state or across the country can add unnecessary wear and tear. Hiring a professional shipping company to move your high end vehicle will prevent from adding that unnecessary wear and tear and also speed up the transport process.

Shipping a luxury car - your ultimate guide

Shipping an exotic or vintage vehicle requires a lot of planning, resources and steps to be undertaken. Luxury vehicles have to be carefully loaded and secured. Shipping a luxury car across the state or moreover overseas costs more than shipping a common brand vehicle.


Shipping A Luxury Car


As always, start the preparation early and make sure that you have enough time to research potential car shippers.

What is a Luxury Car?

According to, the term "luxury vehicle" describes all vehicles that distinguish with higher quality parts, better performance, elaborate design and precise construction.

Generally, all supercars, antique, exotic cars, and high-end models of common brands are defined as luxury.


There are many companies that offer high end models, like BMW or Mercedes. In the US, a luxury car is classified usually based on segments: entry-level, mid-level, high-end and ultra. Mid-level cars include the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, the Jaguar XF and the Lexus GS. An ultra-luxury car is considered Rolls Royce, Maybach, Bentley and Maserati.


Compare from three to five car shipping companies

Considering how much you have invested in buying the car of your dreams, you should invest a lot of time and resources to research car shippers. Compare from three to five car shipping companies that offer luxury car shipping services before you choose a particular auto transport provider.


Confirm that the company is authorized to operate by the Department of Transport. You should check up with the company and confirm that the company can offer valid insurance coverage. By federal law, all licensed brokers and carriers must hold a minimum cargo insurance. However, in the case that you are shipping a luxury vehicle, you must ensure that the company can offer the appropriate coverage.


It also makes sense to talk with your insurance company to see if your car is not already covered while in transit. In some cases, you may need to obtain an appraisal and a value report. Professional brokers should be able to assist you in finding and procuring the best insurance.


Along with requiring proof of authority and valid insurance, you should also ask about how the potential company will ship your car. Small, family-owned carriers mostly operate open-air trailers. Basically, most of the shipments are hauled via this method and it is safe.


One disadvantage of using open trailers is that they cannot protect vehicles from the weather elements. When you are shipping а high end vehicle, it is recommended that you choose the enclosed method to minimize the chance of damages to occur due to road debris, hail or storms.


You can as well ship your luxury vehicle via а plane or a train. Air freight, though being the fastest option, is a lot more expensive compared to the other methods. One great perk is that airlines can ship your luxury car in a day. Train cargo services can be a much more feasible option, but there are some restrictions as far as pickup and delivery locations are concerned.


It is also recommended that before you hire a car shipping company, you research online feedback, testimonials and reviews. Аsk family, friends and colleagues if they can recommend a good luxury car shipping service. You can also check up with websites such as BBB. Many professional auto transporters have published customer testimonials on their websites.


Prepare your car before pickup

Prepare your car before pickup:

  • Empty your car of its content. Remove all personal items or equipment. GPS and car chargers should be removed. Generally, loose items inside your car may cause some damage to the interior of your car.
  • Wash out the exterior of your vehicle and take high quality photos. Record any damage on your vehicle prior to scheduling your shipment.
  • If you are using a roll on/roll off service to ship your car, your vehicle has to be in running condition. Moreover, you will have to prepare a set of keys to hand over to the shipping company. Make sure you have an extra set of keys for yourself as well.
  • Your car should not have more than ¼ tank of gas.
  • If you are shipping your vehicle overseas, be aware that customs may require three notarized copies of your vehicle’s title.
  • It is a good idea to get a maintenance check on your car before transporting it. Check fluids, brakes, and battery.
  • Turn off any anti-theft system that you might have.
  • Ask the company representative if there is any other step or precaution that you need to have in mind.

Shipping a Luxury Car - What to Expect Upon Delivery

Be present on delivery day. If that is not possible, then you need to arrange someone to fill in for you and sign off the documents. When your car is being unloaded from the car carrier, you should check the photographs and check for new damages. Also, you should check your odometer, and tires to see if there is any unusual wear.


This is the only time when you can submit a valid damage claim. Before you sign off the inspection report, you need to submit your claim. You shouldn’t wait to discuss the claim with the company, so you can get your reimbursement as soon as possible.


You can as well reach our sales representatives to organize a smooth move for your supercar. TCI Logistics is experienced in shipping all kinds and sizes of high end vehicles and we would love to be your trustworthy ally in this endeavor.

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