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An antique car is a vehicle which is so old that it is considered antique. How old is an antique car? Well the Antique Automobile Club of America defines an antique car as over 25 years of age. There are several different eras for antique cars as well. These eras include the Veteran era, the Brass era and the Vintage era. These different eras represent different periods of vehicle production. The answer to “how old to be an antique car?” is that there isn’t an age considered antique. Collector car values range from several thousand dollars to millions and have an ever increasing value technically as the years go on. 


If you are looking to buy a vintage vehicle,

you can start by going to an antique car museum to see some examples if you are not sure what brand to go for. You can also do a quick “antique car shows near me” google search to see local/regional shows. Many of the vehicles at these shows are actually for sale and can be purchased on the spot but only at local shows and not the vehicle manufacturer scheduled car shows. Everyone has a different opinion of the perfect antique car for them. Some people like very old vehicles like the Ford Model T and some people like slightly more advanced vehicles like a Mercedes-Benz 300 SL “Gullwing.” Whatever it is that you like, antique cars are a blast!

Antique Car

Once you have purchased your dream vehicle,

it’s a good idea to have antique car insurance.

Vintage cars are hard to fix due to limited mechanic and parts availability. This is why insuring a classic car is a good idea as the costs associated with maintaining and fixing them can be quite high. Insurance for antique car collectors is available through the major car insurance providers. You can obtain your antique car value online by going to antique car websites and doing thorough research. Finding what vintage cars have sold locally can give you a ballpark price range. 


If you want to skip the ownership part of classic vehicle,

then you can opt in for a classic car rental.

One can find a vintage car for rent by going online and searching for antique car rentals. Renting a classic vehicle is not a cheap process but is definitely worth it for anyone into cars. It also allows you to try many different antique cars without having to tie yourself to one financially. This means that you can enjoy the pleasures of driving an antique without the headaches. If you don’t want to deal with any of that, you can also always purchase an antique car toy online. Place it on your office desk or living room shelf and enjoy the view. 


If you are looking for classic car transportation, don’t hesitate and contact TCI Logistics for your antique car shipping needs. We provide open transportation for your new project car and enclosed transportation for your Mecum Auto Auction ready beauties. With solutions tailored to fit your needs, we will take away the worries that come along with antique car shipping. Call (312) 224-8620 or visit us at to learn more and receive a free antique car shipping quote!

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